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Blade Warrior shoots his girlfriend and traces her ex-girlfriends

“Blade Warrior” shot his girlfriend and traced his former girlfriends
Minnan News March 5 hearing Tuesday, the “blade fighter” Oscar Pistoris Valentine’s shooting of his girlfriend in the case of the High Court of North Gauteng in South Africa continues to hear the case.In the previous day’s court trial, Pistorius objected to the alleged murder and violation of gun management laws.  Unlike past short stays in the courtroom by Pistoris, the litigation and defense parties will conduct a debate for about three weeks under the witness of the global media to fully launch the case.  Female judges, female witnesses, girlfriends, and Pistoris’ crimes and penalties are determined by women.  At the prime minister, Judge Mahipa was famous for being stern.According to the interpretation of the South African media, she particularly hates men for committing violent crimes against women, and is known as the “protection god of women and children”.In May of last year, Moyu, the criminal of burglary and rape, was sentenced to 252 years in prison by Mahipa to prevent demonstrations.  In addition, when “Blade Warrior” was pushed to the trial, his ex-girlfriends appeared one after another and became witnesses of his surly character.They complained together: Oscar, once scared us.  Ex-girlfriend Melissa Rowe and her mother Samantha Taylor were included in the list of 107 witnesses in the case.Taylor said he was very happy that his daughter broke up with Pistoris, “Finally escaped his magic claw.He has a bad temper and is often rough, and no one wants his daughter to be hurt.”In the past year, Pistoris spent huge sums of money on bail.In extraordinary times, he is still nourished by love.Pistoris’s new girlfriend is 19-year-old Lil Skyer, a student of the emergency nursing school.However, after the rug-like detection in the media, the British “Observer” reported that it had received reliable information. Pistoris and Skyer had a big fight on Valentine’s Day this year, because the reason: he was rough again!

The postal express industry in Hubei Province resumes production and production, and plans to restore service capacity by 50% by the end of March

The postal express industry in Hubei Province resumes production and production, and plans to restore service capacity by 50% by the end of March
On March 18th, Sauna Night Network learned from the State Post Bureau that Hubei Post Express has started zoning, and it has resumed production by time-sharing, and plans to return its service capacity to 50% of its normal production capacity by the end of March.  Ma Jun, director of the State Post Bureau, won the policy by comprehensively advancing and taking measures to alleviate the difficulties and support the enterprise policy, firmly adhere to the safety bottom line, and solidly and orderly promote the resumption of the express delivery industry in Hubei.  Ma Junsheng also said that to ensure the smooth access of the green channel, the daily supply of the people, resolutely put an end to the occurrence of cluster epidemics after the resumption of production, continue to strengthen the dynamic monitoring and management of practitioners, guide and support enterprises to carry out “fixed areas, fixed personnel” delivery, and provide protective materialsSupply guarantee, and effectively protect the legal rights and health of the courier.  The heads of 7 express delivery companies of Zhongtong, Yuantong, Shentong, Yunda, Baishi, Suning and Debang also said that they will ensure that employees are guaranteed, compensation and incentives are in place, and measures are in place to fully promote the resumption of production of Hubei post express industry.  Sauna, Ye Wang Cheng Zijiao editor proofreading Wang Xin