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Gobert was diagnosed by himself, and many NBA teams will be tested for new crown virus

Gobert was diagnosed by himself, and many NBA teams will be tested for new crown virus
Jazz player Gobert confirmed infection with new crown pneumonia.Figure / Sports A few hours ago, the NBA league was still discussing with the executives of each team whether it was necessary to empty the game. A few hours later, because the jazz player Gobert confirmed that he was infected with new crown pneumonia, the NBA must make a temporary decision.Suspend all NBA games this season.”All games after today will be suspended and will be notified again when they resume.”The league will use this temporary period to determine the next direction of the NBA in response to the pandemic of the new crown epidemic.”NBA official ranking in the announcement.It is understood that Gobel, who was confirmed to be infected with new crown pneumonia, appeared again at the Thunder home today, but the American media found a detail. After confirming the suspension of the Thunder and Jazz game, Paul asked the Jazz bench for Gobel ‘s situation. As a result, the Jazz playersShouting to leave Paul.For safety reasons, the players of the Thunder and Jazz teams are still in the arena and are being tested for the new crown virus.According to US media reports, due to the extension of the NBA game, in addition to the Jazz team and today’s opponent Thunder, the team that has recently played against the Jazz will be tested for new coronavirus.In the past two weeks, in addition to today’s Thunder, the Jazz have played against the Wizards, Cavaliers, Knicks, Celtics, Pistons, Raptors and other teams. It has been confirmed that Gobert, who is infected with new crown pneumonia, has played and played more than 30 minutes.Because it is temporarily impossible to know the time and source of Gobel’s infection, this may trigger a chain reaction in the NBA.After knowing the news of Gobert’s diagnosis and the season’s lockout, a large number of team coaches expressed their staring and also agreed with the league’s decision.The players are very respectful.This is a very serious moment, I think the decision of the league is very appropriate.”Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Bangyin editor Han Shuangming proofread He Yan

Last year, a loss of 11.4 billion sold a loss of 550,000, Li Bin and Wei Lai waiting for Godot

Last year, a loss of 11.4 billion sold a loss of 550,000, Li Bin and Wei Lai “waiting for Godot”
Under the intensified impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, Weilai Automobile handed over the 2019 transcript and predicted that it will be hit in the first quarter of this year.On the evening of March 18, Weilai Automobile announced the fourth quarter and long-term results of 2019. The financial report showed that the company’s revenue last year was 78.2.5 billion yuan, up from 49 in 2018.$ 5.1 billion increased by 58%; under US GAAP, net profit attributable to shareholders of common stock fell 114.1.3 billion yuan, compared with the net profit of 233 in 2018.2.8 billion decreased by 51.1%.  Weilai Automobile experienced a down and down in 2019. The company first encountered demand problems due to the renewal of new energy supplements and suddenly canceled the construction plan of Shanghai Jiading. The company later found that it was negotiating with Beijing Yizhuang National InvestmentThe financing agreement did not end.In addition, accidents such as the battery recall and Tesla’s domestic production have put pressure on Weilai Automobile. Weilai Automobile has to lay off employees in the second half of the year to cope with the company’s tight cash flow.  However, entering 2020, Weilai Automobile began to usher in a series of good news, in addition to the completion of a total of 4.In addition to the 3.5 billion US dollars of convertible bond financing, the company reached a preliminary cooperation agreement with the Hefei municipal government and will provide tens of billions of grades of funds to help Weilai China headquarters settle in Hefei.  Wei Lai founder Li Bin said on the earnings conference call that the company ‘s business in China will serve as an independent entity to attract RMB investors, “The Hefei government has granted NIO ‘s business in China support through RMB investment.It is not the financing of NIO listed company budget.He revealed that it is expected that the formal agreement will be signed before the end of April this year.  The gross profit margin of the automobile business is negative. The average sales of vehicles sold per year is 55.40,000 In 2019, Weilai Automobile delivered a total of 20,565 electric vehicles, surpassing the growth of 81.2%, but the company is still unable to reach 11.4 billion US dollars, which is equivalent to about 55 for every listed vehicle sold.40,000 yuan.  The reason is that the gross profit margin of Weilai Automobile is still negative, especially the gross profit margin of the auto business, which accounts for 94% of the total revenue, continues to be negative.The financial report shows that Weilai Automobile’s auto business gross profit margin was -9 last year.9%, compared with -1 in 2018.6% has increased, unless the impact of the battery recall event is excluded, this value is still -6.0%.As a whole, the gross profit margin of Weilai Automobile was -15 last year.3%, compared with -5 in 2018.2% has been significantly expanded to exclude the impact of the battery recall incident, and the gross profit margin of Weilai Automobile is -10.9%.  Since the company was in the early stages of establishment, Wei Lai’s sales and R & D expenses were very high. In 2019, Wei Lai’s sales and administrative expenses reached 54.$ 5.2 billion, an annual increase of 2.1%, higher than 44.R & D expenses of 28.6 billion.  However, entering the second half of 2019, Wei Lai Automobile’s expenditure on sales and R & D expenses was obviously controlled, and the company’s sales and administrative expenses decreased by 20 in the fourth quarter.5%, basically the company’s sales and administrative staff decreased (Wei Lai announced in September last year layoffs of 2,000 people), as well as lower marketing and promotional costs.Therefore, the reduction in R & D expenses eventually resulted in the decrease in R & D expenses after the delivery of ES6 began in June last year, resulting in a gradual decline in R & D expenses in the fourth quarter.3%.  In addition, although the delivery volume of Weilai Automobile has increased significantly, the growth momentum of delivery comes from the replacement of ES6, which has led to the company’s revenue growth rate exceeding the delivery volume growth rate.From the overall data, Weilai ES6 delivery volume was 11,433, and more than 9,132 ES8s became the company’s delivery volume growth point.  However, ES6 has a relatively obvious substitution effect on the sales of ES8. The delivery of ES6 began at the end of June last year, and the delivery volume exceeded 10,000 vehicles within six months; after the launch of ES6, the delivery volume of ES8 in the second half of the year was only 2003, compared with the first halfThe 7129 sedan is excellently reduced.  The first quarter results were significantly affected by the epidemic situation. Li Bin said that the daily average of new orders will return to the peak level in April due to the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. The domestic production and sales of new energy vehicles have declined significantly, and Weilai Automobile is no exception.Weilai Automobile’s expected performance index said that it expects the company to deliver between 3400 and 3600 vehicles in the first quarter of this year, a decrease of 56 from the previous month.2% to 58.7%; revenue range is 12.100 million to 12.7 trillion, this figure is far lower than the level of 24 forecast by the company.800 million yuan.  Li Bin found on the conference call that although the factory had resumed production on February 10, production in February and March was still affected by Hubei’s automotive supply chain, and it is expected that it will not return to normal levels until April.In addition, he has re-released the past 30 times that the blue car has received nearly 2,200 orders, and there are currently 5,000 orders waiting for delivery. It is expected that the average daily additional orders will return to the peak level last year in April.  Li Bin is still optimistic about the performance of this year. He predicts that the gross profit margin forecast of the auto business will turn positive in the second quarter of this year. By the fourth quarter of this year, the gross profit margin of the auto business will reach two figures.  The driving force of Weilai Automobile’s gross profit margin is the reduction of production costs.Weilai Automobile CFO Feng Wei said that the increase in factory gross profit mainly comes from the optimization of the supply chain, continuous cost reduction and production cost savings, these factors will gradually expand the expansion of production scale and management optimization performance.  Feng Wei found on the conference call that Weilai Automobile will have a 30% drop in manufacturing costs this year. Li Bin further stated that the production capacity of 4,000 vehicles per month in the Hefei plant is a relatively economic benefit point, and this yearIn the fourth quarter, the cost per watt-hour battery pack was reduced by about 20%.  The cash on the account is not enough to maintain the Hefei government financing agreement signed in the next year before the end of April. From the perspective of cash flow, the situation of Weilai Automobile is not optimistic. Until December 31, 2019, the company holds cash and cash equivalents., Total short-term investment and budget cash is 10.RMB 5.6 billion (1 in total).US $ 5.2 billion), a decrease of approximately 9 from the third quarter of last year.100 million yuan.Weilai Automobile weighed, and the cash balance was not enough to provide the working capital and working capital required for continued operation in the next 12 months.  However, since February this year, Weilai Automobile has completed several convertible bond financings with a total amount of 4.3.5 billion US dollars, and the company has recently reached a preliminary agreement with the Hefei City Government, is expected to receive tens of billions of financing.Li Bin did not disclose the specific details of the financing, only that Weilai’s business in China will serve as an independent entity to attract RMB investors.He said that the final agreement between the two parties is expected to be formally signed before the end of April. It is no surprise that Weilai’s headquarters in China is settled in Hefei. The production of ES6 and ES8 are all manufactured by JAC, but it is just the local enterprises in Hefei.In addition, Weilai Automobile and Jianghuai Automobile will also continue to cooperate in the production of the new model EC6, which means that the cooperation between the two parties will be further deepened.  EC6 will be the third model of Weilai Automobile, and it is also an important product that is highly expected from the outside to help Weilai get out of the predicament.The current EC6 budget has not been announced. Li Bin said that EC6 will compete with Tesla’s Model Y. The company will determine the final price based on market conditions, especially after Model Y is delivered.  However, in fact, Tesla has delivered Model Y to North America on March 15, which is six months ahead of the original delivery time.The current model Y starts at 3.At 90,000 US dollars, Tesla’s official website in China shows that the long-life version of Model Y is 48.80 thousand yuan.Considering that EC6 and ES6 share a large number of parts and components, and the cost of battery packs will be significantly reduced, Li Bin or alternative EC6 pricing is similar to ES6.  Sauna, Ye Wang Lu Yifu editor Sun Yong proofreading Wang Xin