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Big Four ignite the competition for the league championship

“Big Four” ignite the competition for the league championship
As if we were asleep, the whole game was not in a state. I was disappointed with the result of this game.This weekend in Guiyang, Shanghai Shanggang coach Eriksson experienced the first defeat of the season. Now many teams have adopted a defensive counterattack against us, so when we accidentally lost the first ball, The scene becomes very passive, we did not find a good chance to score in the game, but Guizhou and He scored two goals.However, a loss is not a big problem. We are still a good team. Maybe we are not the team with the highest number of points, but we have not dropped.  The luck of the Shanghai Shanggang team is indeed good-this team was the leader of the Super League. This round of the team tasted the defeat in Guizhou. It was thought that it would make it to the top of the standings, but then only need to win.Guangzhou Evergrande and Beijing Guoan, who can rank first, both drew with their opponents and failed to seize this opportunity to overtake Shanghai Shanghai.  Everyone regards us as one of the champion contenders, and our current results are also the result of everyone’s efforts. From this game, we have insufficient motivation. As a team that strives to win the league championship, we still haveWhat needs to be strengthened.Eriksson said that our team has no secrets. Conka was closely guarded by his opponents in the midfield. We should consider how to make the offense more effective in the next game.  After Hai Shenxin lost to Tianjin TEDA 0:1 at home this evening, a total of 30 rounds of the Chinese Super League have finished 11 rounds.Experts in the industry divided the league into three parts: the front, middle and back, and after the end of the first stage, the general trend of the league has been finalized. The joining of Guangzhou Evergrande in 2011 led the Chinese Super League into a brand new stage, followed by 4The champions of the season were taken over by this Guangzhou team that was blessed by misfortune.At present, after finishing the first stage of the 2015 season, Guangzhou Evergrande has changed from a Chinese Super League overlord to a competitor of the Chinese Super League. This process is also the result of the efforts of several Chinese Super League giants who are not willing to fight.  There is no team in the Chinese Super League that can do it alone. This is the progress of the league. We have a lot of energy in the AFC Championship. Therefore, I am satisfied with the current achievements of the team in the Chinese Super League.Beijing Guoan coach Manzano said that if we win this round, we will surpass other teams in the standings, but everyone knows that Shuntian, they have scored in all home games, so thisWe are happy to accept a tie of 0:0.  In the Super League standings, Shandong Luneng, Guangzhou Evergrande, Shanghai Shanggang and Beijing Guoan have 22 points, and after comparing the indicators, Shandong Luneng dominated the reserve team (9 wins and 1 loss in the first 10 rounds)) Temporarily ranked the top of the list-in fact, the 4 teams with the same points, Shandong Luneng also lost the first 3 games, the remaining 3 teams lost 1 game each, but the draw was 4 games, which shows that the first group of the Chinese Super LeagueThe competition has reached a fierce level in the first stage of the league.  We were ranked so high for the first time, but our goal at the beginning of the season was indeed to compete for the league championship. At the beginning, we did not find our own rhythm, but recently our condition is getting better.At the beginning of the league, Shandong coach Kuka, who was shouted out of class by fans, has already survived the most difficult period. Shandong Luneng has won 4 and 1 in the last five rounds of the league. No matter how embarrassing the AFC Champions’ humiliating defeat, the Chinese Super League standingsThe first result is still real. We will make some mistakes in every game. However, we are trying our best to correct these mistakes. In the next stage, we still want to maintain our current position.  The grand spectacle of 4 teams going hand in hand to fight for the league championship has not appeared in the league for a long time. The change of Chinese football in the 2015 season is worth remembering-on the one hand, the Super League, which was once barely interested in streaking, is now 4The annual naming fee sells 600 million yuan of high-quality assets.On the other hand, investors generally believe that Chinese football has huge development space after being favored by the leadership. Therefore, nearly half of the Super League clubs with an annual investment of more than 300 million yuan, and Guangzhou Evergrande’s season investment is close to 500 million yuan.Stimulated by real money, the fierce competition in the Chinese Super League is not unexpected.  What is beneficial to Shanghai Shanghai Port and Shandong Luneng is that Guangzhou Evergrande and Beijing Guoan both have the initiative to advance to the AFC Champions League. It is difficult to put all their energy into the Super League field within 1 month. In addition, in the intermission period in June, the national football players haveThe task of the World Top 40 Asian Championships. Therefore, the second phase of the league that ends in mid-July will produce more variables. The shape of the Chinese Super League’s new season of overlord will also appear in the second phase of the league.

State Post Bureau: Express delivery volume expected to exceed 74 billion in 2020

On March 27, the State Post Bureau announced that it expects the express delivery volume to exceed 74 billion pieces in 2020, an annual increase of 18%.It is estimated that the revenue of express delivery business will exceed 869 billion yuan in 2020, an annual increase of 16%. In 2019, the average daily express shipment volume of express delivery companies nationwide will exceed one.700 million pieces, an annual increase of 25.3%, with a maximum daily processing capacity of 5.400 million pieces, an annual increase of 28.5%.The national express delivery business volume exceeded 60 billion pieces, with a total of 635 completed.200 million pieces, an annual increase of 25.3%, the incremental scale exceeded 10 billion pieces for two consecutive years.While achieving rapid development, the express delivery industry continues to use the advantages of the channel network to empower related industries.In terms of collaborative e-commerce, the express delivery industry will support online retail sales of physical goods in excess of 8 in 2019.5 trillion US dollars, accounting for the proportion of total retail sales of social consumer goods for the first time exceeded one-fifth, and became an important force supporting the rapid growth of new formats such as live broadcast e-commerce, social e-commerce, and fresh e-commerce.The data shows that in terms of cooperating with modern agriculture, the annual income of investment in rural areas exceeds 150 billion pieces, supporting industrial products going to the countryside and agricultural products entering the city more than 870 billion, effectively unlocking the potential of rural consumption, and promoting the ratio of urban and rural consumption to 2.1: 1.The State Post Bureau also said that the intelligent development of the express delivery industry is accelerating. 5G and the industrial Internet will promote the deep integration of the industry and intelligent manufacturing; the concept of blockchain technology is transformed into a long-term scenario; big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence through informationConnectivity, deep learning, and continuously accelerate the process of digital development in the industry; unmanned technology is gradually mature, and the operating efficiency multiple is improved.At the same time, “contactless” delivery will bring consumers more convenient and safe service experience.The overseas network of express delivery services will be further developed.Sauna, Ye Wang Cheng Zijiao editor Sun Yong proofreads Wei Zhuo