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9th NBA Live Eagle vs Cavaliers online address Zhan Huang punched several breakthroughs_1

9th NBA Live Eagle vs Cavaliers online address Zhan Huang scored several goals
At 8 am on November 9th, Beijing time, the NBA regular season Cavaliers will play against the Hawks at home. If the Cavaliers want to win a seven-game winning streak in the opening season, James will break Kobe’s NBA historical record with another 30 points and become the youngest 27,000 points.Sir, the game will be broadcast live.Eagle vs Cavaliers online live video viewing address: CCTV5 (CNTV without plug-in) CCTV5 (CNTV plug-in) interactive graphic live score live broadcast James tomorrow may break Kobe’s record game.People are a bit thrilling, but the Cavaliers have extended their winning streak to the sixth, becoming the only team that has remained unbeaten since the start of the season.The Cavaliers attacked fiercely, averaging 112 per game this season.Second in the league with 3 points, 111 of 100 offensive rounds.9 points, first in the offensive efficiency league.Driven by James, the Cavaliers jumped into the branch and made 13 shots per game.3 three-pointers in the league second, shooting 38 three-pointers.5% of the league fourth.The Cavaliers march to a seven-game winning streak, and a strong attack is an important guarantee.  The Hawks’ offensive firepower is not weak, averaging 107.Eighth in the 3-point league, this team, known as the Eastern Spurs, continues to maintain a high level of team coordination, averaging 27 assists per season.3 times in the league third.With Howard defending the basket, the Hawks have a high defensive quality, averaging 96 points per game.8 points, 94 points per 100 possessions, second in defensive efficiency in the league.Clashing with the Eagles is a good opportunity to check the Cavaliers’ offensive level.