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Blade Warrior shoots his girlfriend and traces her ex-girlfriends

“Blade Warrior” shot his girlfriend and traced his former girlfriends
Minnan News March 5 hearing Tuesday, the “blade fighter” Oscar Pistoris Valentine’s shooting of his girlfriend in the case of the High Court of North Gauteng in South Africa continues to hear the case.In the previous day’s court trial, Pistorius objected to the alleged murder and violation of gun management laws.  Unlike past short stays in the courtroom by Pistoris, the litigation and defense parties will conduct a debate for about three weeks under the witness of the global media to fully launch the case.  Female judges, female witnesses, girlfriends, and Pistoris’ crimes and penalties are determined by women.  At the prime minister, Judge Mahipa was famous for being stern.According to the interpretation of the South African media, she particularly hates men for committing violent crimes against women, and is known as the “protection god of women and children”.In May of last year, Moyu, the criminal of burglary and rape, was sentenced to 252 years in prison by Mahipa to prevent demonstrations.  In addition, when “Blade Warrior” was pushed to the trial, his ex-girlfriends appeared one after another and became witnesses of his surly character.They complained together: Oscar, once scared us.  Ex-girlfriend Melissa Rowe and her mother Samantha Taylor were included in the list of 107 witnesses in the case.Taylor said he was very happy that his daughter broke up with Pistoris, “Finally escaped his magic claw.He has a bad temper and is often rough, and no one wants his daughter to be hurt.”In the past year, Pistoris spent huge sums of money on bail.In extraordinary times, he is still nourished by love.Pistoris’s new girlfriend is 19-year-old Lil Skyer, a student of the emergency nursing school.However, after the rug-like detection in the media, the British “Observer” reported that it had received reliable information. Pistoris and Skyer had a big fight on Valentine’s Day this year, because the reason: he was rough again!

The most profitable listed pig company!Wen’s shares made more than 30 million last year

The most profitable listed pig company!Wen’s shares made more than 30 million last year
On April 24, Wen’s shares disclosed the 2019 annual report.In 2019, Wen’s shares achieved operating income of approximately 731.20,000 yuan, an annual increase of 27.75%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is about 139.6.7 billion, an increase of 252 per year.94%; the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company is about 130.5.4 billion, an annual increase of 233.61%.Wen’s said: “If you don’t consider the impact of the African swine fever epidemic on the resumption and expansion of live pigs, only the time from the breeding of sows to the release of hogs is calculated. It will still take about one time for the national pig stock to return to normal levelsThe supply of live pigs is expected to remain tight in 2020.”Wen’s share became the most profitable listed pig company in 2019. Although the market value of the A-share pig company of Wen’s share has been replaced by Muyuan shares, from the net profit in 2019, Wen’s share has beaten the pigs of 2018.The money-making king Shuanghui has developed into the most profitable A-share listed pig company in 2019.The main business of Wen’s shares is the breeding and sales of yellow feather broilers and commercial hogs; it also engages in the breeding of ducks, cows, laying hens, pigeons, and goose and the sale of its products.At the same time, Wen’s shares center on the upstream and downstream of the livestock and poultry breeding industry chain, supporting slaughtering, food processing, modern agricultural and animal husbandry equipment manufacturing, veterinary medicine production, fresh food circulation chain operation and financial investment and other businesses.In 2019, the major businesses of Wen’s shares can be described as fully blossoming.The first is the poultry business.Summary of the report, Wen’s shares implemented measures such as increasing seedlings, and realized the incremental effect of expanding output value. The company sold broilers9.25 billion (including chicken, fresh and cooked food), an annual increase of 23.58%, sales of meat duck 4040.650,000, an increase of 28 in ten years.96%.At the same time, after the Sino-U.S. Trade friction, China ‘s imports of poultry meat from the United States decreased, and pork prices rose in the context of the African swine fever epidemic, which drove the simultaneous growth of poultry meat. Wen ‘s share price of broiler chickens increased in 2019.93%, the average price of meat duck sales increased by more than 6.57%, the company’s broiler (duck) products operating income and gross profit increased by 33 respectively.9% and 50.53%.Then there is the pig business.In 2019, Wen’s shares sold 1851 hogs.660,000 heads (including hairy pigs and fresh products).Under the influence of the African swine fever epidemic, the number of live pigs slaughtered nationwide has declined. According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, the number of live pigs slaughtered in the country was 54.419 million in 2019, a decrease of 21.6%, Wen’s share of hog sales in 2019 decreased by 16 year-on-year.95%.However, affected by the decline in the supply of hogs in the market, the reported increase in Wen’s share price of hog sales rose by 46.57%, the operating income and gross profit of Wenshi’s hogs increased by 23 each year.83% and 189.75%.Finally, the financial investment business.”The report summarizes that the company’s financial investment business has grown steadily, and financial investment performance has increased year by year.”Wen’s shares said.In 2020, Wen’s work plan is: the pig industry will fully resume production expansion and accelerate the construction of new farms; the poultry industry will seize the development potential and continue to expand production capacity; accelerate the construction of slaughter projects and extend the industrial chain; restrict the capital-driven strategy, Steadily promote the construction of the ecological circle; coordinated development of supporting services to help companies enhance their competitive advantage; increase investment in scientific research, give full play to the driving role of science and technology; strengthen the construction of human resources system to meet the needs of rapid development of enterprises.Several fundraising projects did not achieve the expected income. In terms of capital, Wen’s debt restructuring and slight increase last year, but the asset-liability ratio has been increased from 34 in 2018.06% fell to 28 in 2019.90%.In terms of the use of raised funds, as of the end of 2019, Wen’s shares were gradually directly invested in the project to raise about 11 funds.7.6 billion yuan, supplementary working capital1.8 ppm, accumulatively used raised funds is about 13.5.6 billion US dollars, the balance of unused raised funds is about 2.140,000 yuan (including the surplus of the fund-raising special user is about 38.89 million yuan, and the balance of temporarily idle fund-raising to purchase expired wealth management products is 1.).7.5 billion).It is understood that there are multiple fundraising projects of Wen’s shares that did not achieve the expected returns. Therefore, Wen’s shares also informed the explanation one by one.Poultry multi-link series of inactivated vaccine industrialization technology transformation project: mainly because the competition of similar products in the market is intensifying, and the price decline has broken through. Therefore, the project has not yet achieved the expected benefits.Technical transformation project of pig blue ear disease live vaccine industrialization: On January 1, 2017, the Ministry of Agriculture canceled the mandatory immunization of live blue ear vaccine, and market demand declined, resulting in the project not reaching the expected benefits.The annual production of 8000 tons of Chinese veterinary medicine industrialization technology transformation project: the price of raw materials of traditional Chinese medicine increases, resulting in a decrease in the gross profit margin of finished preparations.Therefore, the project has not yet achieved the expected benefits.Dairy Farm Project of Lianzhou Wenshi Dairy Co., Ltd .: The price of milk is lower than expected, the environmental protection expenditure is large, and the number of dairy cattle has not reached the target, so the project has not yet reached the expected income.Feidong Wenshi Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. integrated pig raising project: Affected by the African swine fever epidemic, the company continued to carry out comprehensive epidemic prevention and control work, increased the transfer of biosecurity prevention and control, and actively assessed the health status of the pig herdEliminate threatened pigs in time to ensure the biological safety of the farm, resulting in increased costs and lower profits, so the project did not achieve the expected benefits.The first phase of Beipiao Wen’s Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd .: In the second half of 2019, the price of pigs rose, and the boots were able to make a profit. However, due to the reduction in early earnings, the expected earnings were not achieved.Xintian Wenshi Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. pig breeding integrated project: The project has just been completed and completed, and has not yet reached the full-scale production scale, so the expected benefits have not been achieved.Sauna, Ye Wang editor Yan Wei Li proofreading Liu Jun