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Entertainment characters of the year in 2019 丨 Zhan Xiao: interesting soul is as important as appearance

Sauna Night Net: All talk about the topic, traffic is a double-edged sword, in your opinion, the pros and cons of each accounted for.why?Xiao Zhan: I think half and half.Everything has two sides, depending on whether you want to look at it with a certain mentality. Topics and traffic can bring everyone’s attention to you, but it also brings pressure, which means that you need to work harder and use more.Good works and characters to give back to everyone’s expectations.Sauna Nightnet: Through the rapid increase in attention, there will be many different voices, will you pay attention to the alternative content deliberately?Does it affect you?Xiao Zhan: I will not pay attention to the content of attention, because I think everyone still looks forward and actively lives.But I will absorb and digest some pertinent suggestions and opinions.It’s impossible to say that no impact will happen at all, just sleep.In 2019 Xiao Zhan starred in the hit drama “Chen Qingling”.Sauna Nightnet: I feel that you have always maintained a sober attitude towards human relationships and cognition of life. Do you think there is a moment of “floating” in the “popular” period?Xiao Zhan: I think I was ignorant at first, and the pace of work and life suddenly became faster.It may have been in a different job before the reaction.To say that there is a real sense of floating, that is, all kinds of itineraries need to fly, float in the air (laughs).Sauna Night Net: In the intensive work rhythm, how can you improve your performance?Xiao Zhan: The recent work is really busy. All I can do is feel the life in the gap of work and observe the life bit by bit.Sometimes it takes a long time to vacate, so I will go to see movies, dramas, some books and the like.Sauna Night Net: Weibo profile has always been “Interesting Soul”. In your opinion, which is more important, “Interesting Soul” and “Good-looking”?why?Xiao Zhan: I do n’t think this is a multiple choice question.The outside and the inside together form a person, and one cannot cut off the other and see another person.”Interesting soul” is just as important as “a beautiful appearance”.The same question and answer: Sauna Night Network: Do you have a hair loss implant?If not, can you reveal the secret to maintaining the volume?Xiao Zhan: Are there any troubles among young people who do not have hair loss?(Laughs) I used to shoot a lot of costumes before, and I need to stick my hair. I really worry about my hairline.Sauna Night: How often do you go to social media to search for your name?Xiao Zhan: When your work comes out, you will search for your evaluation of the character.Sauna Night Net: There have been several water reversals in 2019. Please tell us in detail about the water reversal process you experienced.Xiao Zhan: I was only recently popularized by the popular science with the word “reverse water”, that is, everything is not going well.I seem to be okay in 2019, because I am the kind of person who solves problems and continues to move forward.So if you encounter something that is not going well, you will try to do something to solve it.Photo courtesy of the artist: Sauna Nightnet: Do you think you have a loved physique?Xiao Zhan: Everyone has the physique of being loved, and everyone deserves to be loved.Sauna Night: What is the most frequently purchased online?What is the specific frequency?Xiao Zhan: Contact lenses.Because of work needs, the frequency can not be remembered.Sauna Night Net: When was the last stay up late?Why stay up late?Xiao Zhan: The last time I stayed up late was the variety show recording, but everyone was very happy and I was very happy.Sauna Night: Share a thing you think is “too difficult” recently.Xiao Zhan: Time allocation, sometimes I feel that time is really not enough. It is really difficult to allocate time properly.Sauna Night Net: Are there any entertainers who want to “disc”?Xiao Zhan: Wow, that’s really too much, waiting for the predecessors to “disc” me (laughs).Sauna Night Net: Is there one thing in 2019 that for you is “we don’t know, we dare not ask”?Xiao Zhan: Um . I do n’t know, and I do n’t dare to ask.Sauna Night Net: Use three words to describe your 2019, and use three words to describe your expected 2020.Xiao Zhan: 2019: touching, thanking, gaining.2020: Go smoothly, move forward, and stabilize.Sauna Nightnet: Which of the two hot searches related to you impressed you?why?Xiao Zhan: # 肖战 花心 #, at first glance, I was shocked, and then it was the song of teacher Hua Jian.# 言 冰 云 Everything for Daqing #, everyone has a big brain, and I find it very interesting.Xiao Zhan played Bingyun in the TV series “Celebrating Years”.Sauna Night: Recently, social media has been dominated by “2017 → 2019”. If you choose, you will send some kind of comparison pictures or events.Xiao Zhan: It ‘s a commemorative photo of the 2017 and 2019 set.Sauna Nightnet: Are you satisfied with your current working status, are there high-intensity, high-pressure, high-stress, and persistent overwork situations?Xiao Zhan: Actually quite satisfied.Every stage has something for every stage, I think sometimes it just goes through.Sauna Night Net: What is the most common bad habit you want to change in 2020?Xiao Zhan: Procrastination, I think I still have some procrastination.Sauna Night Net: What moment was the most famous “famous scene” in the past year?Xiao Zhan: It should be the first issue of “Our Song”. When the elevator came down, I found that the predecessor who was singing with me was Mr. Na Ying.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Wu Dongni proofread by Zhao Lin artist