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Irvine injured in the first leg of the 2015 NBA Finals and left the football jersey to vent his anger so heartbreaking_1

Irvine injured in the first leg of the 2015 NBA Finals and left the football jersey to vent his anger
In the first game of the finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers lost 100-108 to the Golden State Warriors by overtime on the road.Cavaliers starting point guard Kyrie Irving scored 23 points on 10 of 22 shots, plus 7 rebounds, 6 assists, 4 steals and 2 intervals of comprehensive data, but in overtime, Owen accidentally injuredField, which undoubtedly cast a shadow on the Cavaliers’ prospects in the finals.Irving Irving was forced to fall out after breaking out of the jersey to vent his depression. Irving should not have thought in advance that his first playoff trip in his career will always be linked to injuries, sprained right leg, left tibia tendonitis, doubleA leg injury prevented Irving from being able to play to his full strength in the playoffs.But even so, Irving averaged 18 in 12 playoff games.7 points, hitting a three-pointer as high as 48.1%.Although his insistence on fighting with injuries is a great encouragement to the Cavaliers, the bad thing is: Irving’s injuries cannot be cured.  Before the start of the finals, the Cavaliers had more than a week of rest, but Irving still did not think he could recover to 100% in the first game in an interview.But at least Le LeBron James said that even if it is only a 50% Irving, he is still a non-negligible presence on the court and can have an important impact.  For any player, the first stage of the finals will always inevitably produce tension, and Irving is naturally no exception.After the opening, Irving tried three consecutive shots, but all expanded the basket.But after a little adjustment, he gradually found a feeling on the offensive end.In the second half of the first quarter, Owen first hit a three-pointer, thus completing the first goal of his personal finals career.After that, he succeeded in steals and faced the retiring Warriors power forward Green, Irving’s constantly changing rhythm in the process of fast dribbling progress made Green unable to defend.In the end, Owen easily hit a layup from the basket.Since this goal was not serious, Irving is worthy of being one of the best NBA ball controllers and a basket finisher.  Since entering the NBA, Owen’s offensive talent has been revealed, but his defense has always been criticized.In the first half of the game, Owen had some impressive performances on the defensive end, such as a successful blockade of Curry and two steals.In addition, he scored 9 points on 4 of 9 shots, plus 4 rebounds and 3 assists.Although the data is not conspicuous, Irving has put efforts in all aspects of the game.  After adapting in the first half, Irving played a lot more relaxed in the second half, he showed his breakthrough skills many times, and also scored three points.But Owen’s most impressive performance in the second half came from the defensive end.With 31 seconds left at the end of the fourth quarter, the two sides tied the game.The Warriors arranged an offensive tactic one by one by suspending. Curry easily broke Owen with the ball. Seeing Curry would complete an easy layup, Owen who did not give up tried hard to chase and tried to cover Curry’s layup.His defense was named by Jeff Van Gundy as an incredible substitute.  However, in overtime, the Cavaliers’ offense suddenly stopped and stopped, and they were even more worried that Owen was injured again. During a dribble attempt to aim at Thompson’s defense, he accidentally twisted to the upper left andEnded halfway through overtime.From the scene, Owen limped on the way back to the locker room, and his expression caused great pain.  Before the finals began, Clay Thompson’s father, Old Thompson, once said that if Irving can stay healthy, plus James’s presence, this round of the finals should be able to enter the tiebreaker.But crossing Irving was injured again in the first game, which will inevitably have a great impact on the Cavaliers.(Rosen)