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“Five Naked Girls” sets a new record for the auction of Chang Yu’s works, with a transaction price exceeding 300 million yuan

In the evening of November 23rd, Christie ‘s Hong Kong “Twentieth Century and Contemporary Art Evening Sale”, Chang Yu ‘s masterpiece “Five Naked Girls” 1.Starting with 900 million euros, it ended with 2.6.6 billion feet drop hammer, plus commission to 3. 30.9 billion in transactions, surpassing just 1. Sotheby ‘s in Hong Kong.9.8 billion euros won Quebec’s “Nude Girl with Curved Legs” and set the latest record of Sanyu’s works auction, becoming the highest-priced lot in Asian art auctions since 2019.”Five Naked Girls”.Pictures from the Internet It is understood that “naked women” is generally recognized as the subject of Chang Yu’s best. No matter the color, composition and style of the “Five Naked Girls”, they are regarded as one of the most representative works of Chang Yu.There are 56 oil paintings in the series of Chang Yu nude girls, of which only seven are standing.Except for “Five Naked Girls”, the other six paintings are only attached to a pair or individual characters.”Five Naked Girls” is always the largest oil painting of nude girls created by Sanyu, and also the work with the largest number of characters. Standing nude women are also extremely rare in Sanyu’s artistic career.Chang Yu.The picture comes from the Internet in 2011, “Five Naked Girls” once shot 1.The price of 283.2 billion US dollars never broke Chang Yu’s auction record at that time, and became the highest-priced oil painting by Chinese artists.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Xu Meilin proofreading Wei Zhuo