Month: May 2020

Stern’s 30-year contribution has made a huge contribution, and seven teams have joined players to increase their salary by 20 times

Stern’s 30-year contribution has made a huge contribution, and seven teams have joined players to increase their salary by 20 times
Stern is the most successful president in NBA history.Figure / Osports became the NBA president on February 1, 1984, and retired on January 31, 2014. Stern is the longest serving and most successful president in NBA history.It is difficult to summarize all his contributions to the NBA, but it does have extra data that can be converted, reflecting his dedication to basketball.When he first became NBA president, the NBA league’s annual income was 1.6.5 billion US dollars, through the global promotion of the NBA, as well as the sponsorship, the substantial increase in the cost of broadcasting, when he retired in 2014, the NBA league income has increased to 5.5 billion US dollars per year.The gradual increase in league income has the most direct impact on the increase in NBA player income. From 1984 to 2014, the average annual salary of NBA players increased from $ 290,000 to $ 5.7 million.Especially in recent years, whenever entering the offseason, super-maximum contracts of more than one million dollars have been common.Of course, during Stern’s 30 years in office, the face of the NBA has also changed a lot. The regular season, finals, and All-Star games have become more sophisticated.When he became president of the NBA in 1984, there were only 23 teams in the NBA. Since then, 7 teams including the Heat, Magic, Hornets, Timberwolves, Grizzlies, Raptors, and Bobcats have joined the league, and the NBA has expanded to 30 of 2004, when the Charlotte Bobcats officially played in the NBA, the fans renewed the east and west parts of the country, and the 16 teams advanced to the playoffs. The mode of play was officially stable.Among the 7 younger teams, there are many winners. Under the leadership of Wade, O’Neill, James and other stars, the Heat won the NBA championship in the 21st century. The Raptors also won the championship for the first time in the summer of 2019.

Du Feng reveals the inside story, the Chinese Basketball Association hopes that the team will have significant changes by 2023

The Chinese men’s basketball team defeated the World Cup and almost lost their qualification to participate in the Tokyo Olympics.Figure / Osports Beijing News (Reporter Xu Bangyin) Since debuting at the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984, the Chinese men’s basketball team has participated in the 9th Olympic Games in a row. If it is unable to break through from next year’s dropout, the team will miss the Olympic Games for the first time for the first time.For the Chinese men’s basketball team, it is indeed a very embarrassing thing to participate in the record of the 9th Olympic Games consecutively. However, accepting the reality and starting over from the beginning is also the primary task of the Chinese men’s basketball team.It is undeniable that breaking through the Olympic Games is almost impossible, and the absence of the Tokyo Olympics is basically a foregone conclusion. This means that in the next 4 years, the Chinese men’s basketball team will not be able to play against the world’s strong teams such as Europe and the United States in the competition.Losing the Olympic Games becomes the last chance. With the expectation of a miracle, it is better to seize the precious opportunity to train well.From another point of view, as the opponents of the Chinese men’s basketball team in the Victoria Division, Greece, Canada, Uruguay, Czech Republic, and Turkey are also strong and stronger than the opponents of the group match of the basketball World Cup.The overall exercise value is not inferior to the official Olympic games.Du Feng also revealed that the Chinese Basketball Association has communicated with himself, hoping that by 2023 and 2024, the men’s basketball national team will have significant changes. Next year’s Olympic drop-off will be regarded as the starting point for the transformation of the Chinese men’s basketball team.”The lost match is much more difficult than the World Cup,” Du Feng highlighted. For the next World Cup and the 2024 Olympics, the new national team will consider more things after four years. “The World Cup and the Olympic echelon construction are mainly used to exploreMore capable and potential players, let these young players take a look at the real gap with the European and American teams, to feel the world competition.”

Last year, a loss of 11.4 billion sold a loss of 550,000, Li Bin and Wei Lai waiting for Godot

Last year, a loss of 11.4 billion sold a loss of 550,000, Li Bin and Wei Lai “waiting for Godot”
Under the intensified impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, Weilai Automobile handed over the 2019 transcript and predicted that it will be hit in the first quarter of this year.On the evening of March 18, Weilai Automobile announced the fourth quarter and long-term results of 2019. The financial report showed that the company’s revenue last year was 78.2.5 billion yuan, up from 49 in 2018.$ 5.1 billion increased by 58%; under US GAAP, net profit attributable to shareholders of common stock fell 114.1.3 billion yuan, compared with the net profit of 233 in 2018.2.8 billion decreased by 51.1%.  Weilai Automobile experienced a down and down in 2019. The company first encountered demand problems due to the renewal of new energy supplements and suddenly canceled the construction plan of Shanghai Jiading. The company later found that it was negotiating with Beijing Yizhuang National InvestmentThe financing agreement did not end.In addition, accidents such as the battery recall and Tesla’s domestic production have put pressure on Weilai Automobile. Weilai Automobile has to lay off employees in the second half of the year to cope with the company’s tight cash flow.  However, entering 2020, Weilai Automobile began to usher in a series of good news, in addition to the completion of a total of 4.In addition to the 3.5 billion US dollars of convertible bond financing, the company reached a preliminary cooperation agreement with the Hefei municipal government and will provide tens of billions of grades of funds to help Weilai China headquarters settle in Hefei.  Wei Lai founder Li Bin said on the earnings conference call that the company ‘s business in China will serve as an independent entity to attract RMB investors, “The Hefei government has granted NIO ‘s business in China support through RMB investment.It is not the financing of NIO listed company budget.He revealed that it is expected that the formal agreement will be signed before the end of April this year.  The gross profit margin of the automobile business is negative. The average sales of vehicles sold per year is 55.40,000 In 2019, Weilai Automobile delivered a total of 20,565 electric vehicles, surpassing the growth of 81.2%, but the company is still unable to reach 11.4 billion US dollars, which is equivalent to about 55 for every listed vehicle sold.40,000 yuan.  The reason is that the gross profit margin of Weilai Automobile is still negative, especially the gross profit margin of the auto business, which accounts for 94% of the total revenue, continues to be negative.The financial report shows that Weilai Automobile’s auto business gross profit margin was -9 last year.9%, compared with -1 in 2018.6% has increased, unless the impact of the battery recall event is excluded, this value is still -6.0%.As a whole, the gross profit margin of Weilai Automobile was -15 last year.3%, compared with -5 in 2018.2% has been significantly expanded to exclude the impact of the battery recall incident, and the gross profit margin of Weilai Automobile is -10.9%.  Since the company was in the early stages of establishment, Wei Lai’s sales and R & D expenses were very high. In 2019, Wei Lai’s sales and administrative expenses reached 54.$ 5.2 billion, an annual increase of 2.1%, higher than 44.R & D expenses of 28.6 billion.  However, entering the second half of 2019, Wei Lai Automobile’s expenditure on sales and R & D expenses was obviously controlled, and the company’s sales and administrative expenses decreased by 20 in the fourth quarter.5%, basically the company’s sales and administrative staff decreased (Wei Lai announced in September last year layoffs of 2,000 people), as well as lower marketing and promotional costs.Therefore, the reduction in R & D expenses eventually resulted in the decrease in R & D expenses after the delivery of ES6 began in June last year, resulting in a gradual decline in R & D expenses in the fourth quarter.3%.  In addition, although the delivery volume of Weilai Automobile has increased significantly, the growth momentum of delivery comes from the replacement of ES6, which has led to the company’s revenue growth rate exceeding the delivery volume growth rate.From the overall data, Weilai ES6 delivery volume was 11,433, and more than 9,132 ES8s became the company’s delivery volume growth point.  However, ES6 has a relatively obvious substitution effect on the sales of ES8. The delivery of ES6 began at the end of June last year, and the delivery volume exceeded 10,000 vehicles within six months; after the launch of ES6, the delivery volume of ES8 in the second half of the year was only 2003, compared with the first halfThe 7129 sedan is excellently reduced.  The first quarter results were significantly affected by the epidemic situation. Li Bin said that the daily average of new orders will return to the peak level in April due to the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. The domestic production and sales of new energy vehicles have declined significantly, and Weilai Automobile is no exception.Weilai Automobile’s expected performance index said that it expects the company to deliver between 3400 and 3600 vehicles in the first quarter of this year, a decrease of 56 from the previous month.2% to 58.7%; revenue range is 12.100 million to 12.7 trillion, this figure is far lower than the level of 24 forecast by the company.800 million yuan.  Li Bin found on the conference call that although the factory had resumed production on February 10, production in February and March was still affected by Hubei’s automotive supply chain, and it is expected that it will not return to normal levels until April.In addition, he has re-released the past 30 times that the blue car has received nearly 2,200 orders, and there are currently 5,000 orders waiting for delivery. It is expected that the average daily additional orders will return to the peak level last year in April.  Li Bin is still optimistic about the performance of this year. He predicts that the gross profit margin forecast of the auto business will turn positive in the second quarter of this year. By the fourth quarter of this year, the gross profit margin of the auto business will reach two figures.  The driving force of Weilai Automobile’s gross profit margin is the reduction of production costs.Weilai Automobile CFO Feng Wei said that the increase in factory gross profit mainly comes from the optimization of the supply chain, continuous cost reduction and production cost savings, these factors will gradually expand the expansion of production scale and management optimization performance.  Feng Wei found on the conference call that Weilai Automobile will have a 30% drop in manufacturing costs this year. Li Bin further stated that the production capacity of 4,000 vehicles per month in the Hefei plant is a relatively economic benefit point, and this yearIn the fourth quarter, the cost per watt-hour battery pack was reduced by about 20%.  The cash on the account is not enough to maintain the Hefei government financing agreement signed in the next year before the end of April. From the perspective of cash flow, the situation of Weilai Automobile is not optimistic. Until December 31, 2019, the company holds cash and cash equivalents., Total short-term investment and budget cash is 10.RMB 5.6 billion (1 in total).US $ 5.2 billion), a decrease of approximately 9 from the third quarter of last year.100 million yuan.Weilai Automobile weighed, and the cash balance was not enough to provide the working capital and working capital required for continued operation in the next 12 months.  However, since February this year, Weilai Automobile has completed several convertible bond financings with a total amount of 4.3.5 billion US dollars, and the company has recently reached a preliminary agreement with the Hefei City Government, is expected to receive tens of billions of financing.Li Bin did not disclose the specific details of the financing, only that Weilai’s business in China will serve as an independent entity to attract RMB investors.He said that the final agreement between the two parties is expected to be formally signed before the end of April. It is no surprise that Weilai’s headquarters in China is settled in Hefei. The production of ES6 and ES8 are all manufactured by JAC, but it is just the local enterprises in Hefei.In addition, Weilai Automobile and Jianghuai Automobile will also continue to cooperate in the production of the new model EC6, which means that the cooperation between the two parties will be further deepened.  EC6 will be the third model of Weilai Automobile, and it is also an important product that is highly expected from the outside to help Weilai get out of the predicament.The current EC6 budget has not been announced. Li Bin said that EC6 will compete with Tesla’s Model Y. The company will determine the final price based on market conditions, especially after Model Y is delivered.  However, in fact, Tesla has delivered Model Y to North America on March 15, which is six months ahead of the original delivery time.The current model Y starts at 3.At 90,000 US dollars, Tesla’s official website in China shows that the long-life version of Model Y is 48.80 thousand yuan.Considering that EC6 and ES6 share a large number of parts and components, and the cost of battery packs will be significantly reduced, Li Bin or alternative EC6 pricing is similar to ES6.  Sauna, Ye Wang Lu Yifu editor Sun Yong proofreading Wang Xin

State Post Bureau: Express delivery volume expected to exceed 74 billion in 2020

On March 27, the State Post Bureau announced that it expects the express delivery volume to exceed 74 billion pieces in 2020, an annual increase of 18%.It is estimated that the revenue of express delivery business will exceed 869 billion yuan in 2020, an annual increase of 16%. In 2019, the average daily express shipment volume of express delivery companies nationwide will exceed one.700 million pieces, an annual increase of 25.3%, with a maximum daily processing capacity of 5.400 million pieces, an annual increase of 28.5%.The national express delivery business volume exceeded 60 billion pieces, with a total of 635 completed.200 million pieces, an annual increase of 25.3%, the incremental scale exceeded 10 billion pieces for two consecutive years.While achieving rapid development, the express delivery industry continues to use the advantages of the channel network to empower related industries.In terms of collaborative e-commerce, the express delivery industry will support online retail sales of physical goods in excess of 8 in 2019.5 trillion US dollars, accounting for the proportion of total retail sales of social consumer goods for the first time exceeded one-fifth, and became an important force supporting the rapid growth of new formats such as live broadcast e-commerce, social e-commerce, and fresh e-commerce.The data shows that in terms of cooperating with modern agriculture, the annual income of investment in rural areas exceeds 150 billion pieces, supporting industrial products going to the countryside and agricultural products entering the city more than 870 billion, effectively unlocking the potential of rural consumption, and promoting the ratio of urban and rural consumption to 2.1: 1.The State Post Bureau also said that the intelligent development of the express delivery industry is accelerating. 5G and the industrial Internet will promote the deep integration of the industry and intelligent manufacturing; the concept of blockchain technology is transformed into a long-term scenario; big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence through informationConnectivity, deep learning, and continuously accelerate the process of digital development in the industry; unmanned technology is gradually mature, and the operating efficiency multiple is improved.At the same time, “contactless” delivery will bring consumers more convenient and safe service experience.The overseas network of express delivery services will be further developed.Sauna, Ye Wang Cheng Zijiao editor Sun Yong proofreads Wei Zhuo

Shenzhen gambling property market survey: an annual fee of 2,000 yuan

Shenzhen gambling property market survey: an annual fee of 2,000 yuan
Recently, the contradictory market of “high-priced houses in seconds” in the Shenzhen property market and nearly one million “drinking tea fees” have attracted attention from many parties. Subsequently, mortgage-backed mortgage loans with interest discounts have been pushed to the forefront.The fund was used to help small and medium-sized enterprises trapped in the epidemic, but it was suspected of flowing into the property market in disguise.On April 20, the long-term Shenzhen sub-branch uttered a voice, requesting banks within its jurisdiction to investigate accordingly.On the same day, the Shenzhen SME Service Bureau issued an announcement that it will increase the review of loan interest discount projects with the banking and insurance supervision department to strictly prevent the loan projects that do not meet the interest discount conditions from being mixed in and defraud financial funds.The supervised Damocles sword hangs high. Does the investor’s desire to enter the Shenzhen property market make a big bet?”There are too many ways to cash out in Shenzhen, and the bold can use millions to pry up to tens of millions of funds.”The long-awaited house buyer Mi Ya told the sauna,, there will be some” strokes “for the house buyer group where he is, and the big V has established a special WeChat group. The annual fee is nearly 2000 yuan to teach everyone how to buy a house.Among them, one of the cash-outs is the mortgage business loan.Taking a community in Futian District, Shenzhen as an example, she said that the price of a house was more than 2 million yuan half a year ago and rose to 4 million yuan half a year later.Some real estate prices in Baoshan District are rising even more violently.In the interview, Mei Ya sighed: “Shenzhen is so crazy now”, but also regretted missing the opportunity to follow the big V riches last year.”As long as house prices rise, it will attract capital.”Buying a residential house in Shenzhen is stronger than buying a commercial house in many cities, and getting a loan to invest in a real business is no better than a real estate investment.”Azer (pseudonym), who has been a housing agent for 20 years, sees the rush of funds to the property market in this way.Many residents said that Shenzhen ‘s good planning, relatively loose conditions for settlement, and the cancellation of the luxury house tax line last year were all supporting factors of housing prices, and high housing prices in turn were the cause of high leverage.However, the Shenzhen property market is full of false news, and the hype can easily get normal buyers out of control.Sauna and Yewang ‘s survey found that when banks in Shenzhen are required to check their mortgage loans and flow into the real estate market, there are still speculators waiting for the opportunity, and intermediaries are constantly attracting customers.However, some investors who were looking for an intermediary to buy a house in advance have panicked, worrying that the house will not be mortgaged in the short term and will also pay high interest to the money broker.”Eight-tenths of interest per day, 8 million houses will pay 6,400 yuan a day, who can afford it?Investors “packaged” into the market: Miya, who opened a company’s mortgage property package loan, has been diving in the house purchase group for many years. She told reporters that the high leverage problem in the Shenzhen property market did not appear recently.One of the cash-out tricks I have learned is mortgage loan.”Among them, there are 5 million cash. After buying a house, find an intermediary to pack a startup company and mortgage the house. Generally, you can loan 70% of the total net value of the house (about 3.5 million yuan), which is equivalent to a 30% down payment or evenYou can buy another property at the price of the house price.In Mi Ya’s view, individuals can gradually buy a house in a cyclical manner.”As long as the price of the house rises, selling it and paying back the money can untie it. This method can pry up many houses.”Straightforward, intermediaries and banks will think of ways to give you the money.””She took a community in Futian District, Shenzhen as an example. The price of a house was more than 2 million yuan half a year ago. Because of favorable school districts and convenient transportation conditions such as the subway, it rose to 4 million yuan half a year later.In Shenzhen, the prices of some real estate in Baoshan District have risen sharply, but there have also been flat prices.”If last year I spent 2,000 yuan in the annual fee to join the group of Big V and buy the donation he recommended, I might earn 100 times (annual fee) this year. Shenzhen is so crazy now.”My bud sighed while looking forward to unlimited, currently trying to have a house purchase funds, but because” cowardly “missed many mobile phone meetings, is still watching Shenzhen housing prices.”Can that be done now?”For the past few days, Shenzhen departments have issued a rigorous investigation into the mortgage and buying of houses. The house buying group where Meiya is located is” fried pan “, worrying that the operation will be tightened.Recently, the Shenzhen property market has set off a wave of enthusiasm on the Internet: In early April, the 40 million apartment in Shenzhen “second light”, the long-lost tea fee reappeared in individual projects.In addition, Shenzhen ‘s local raised prices raised by intermediaries rose 10% this year.In turn, mortgage-backed home loans that can receive discounts are pointed to as a push for round housing rises.An important feature of the special anti-epidemic loans is “cheap”.According to the announcement of the highest budget, at least 100 billion yuan of preferential interest loans have been launched, and the Ministry of Finance and other countries have clearly given another half of the discount according to the actual loan interest rate. The actual financing cost of some companies that obtained the loan is only about 2%.The reporter interviewed the Bank of Colombia and learned that the interest rate of normal housing mortgage operating loans is based on the latest LPR quotation, and some banks add some points to this basis. Looking at the latest quotation in April, the 1-year interest rate is 3.85%.”Operating loans are returned once a year. Assuming that you borrow 1 million, you have to repay the principal and interest once a year, and then loan out the next year. The maximum period is 6 years.Calculated by LPR is 3 per year.The average interest of 850,000 yuan is about 3,200 yuan per month.Operating loans have lower interest rates than other loans, and it is cheaper if there are discounts.”A senior bank credit person said.The intermediary advocates investing property in the epidemic and has a high operating loan limit, but it is not easy for banks to pass the funds and reenter the property market. The bet is that house prices are about to increase.”Buying a residential house in Shenzhen is stronger than buying a commercial house in other cities.”Azer, a housing agency that has been built in Shenzhen for 20 years, said that Huizhou, a neighboring Shenzhen city, recently offered a special price, which originally required a down payment of 30% of the house, and some developers paid 20% of the advance.Developer funds cannot be withdrawn, even if they do not make money.The price of Shenzhen on the border with Huizhou remained at around 4 million without falling.Azer said that in March and April, the turnover of the property market has recovered. Although it has not returned to the scale before the epidemic, some merchants may not be able to continue to operate, and many people have lowered the price to sell their houses and realize.”This year you can invest in real estate if you have funds and no place to invest.”Aze is certain that housing prices in Shenzhen will not be overwhelmed, and the transaction rate will be better than before.”The reasons for its recommendation include that factories in Shenzhen’s coastal zone basically rely on foreign trade. Now the epidemic situation in foreign countries is more serious. More than 90% of these foreign trade factories are in a state of shutdown. They will temporarily stop until August and September, and may be longer.In addition, there are many offline training courses, because the online courses are closed, and the profitability of the restaurant is also worrying.The low rate of return for participating in operations is worse than investing in real estate.In fact, the epidemic has gradually occurred, and the Shenzhen property market has taken the lead in breaking out.In March, the average price of second-hand houses in Shenzhen was 59,048 yuan per square meter, up by 0 month-on-month.95%.Among them, the average transaction price of Baoan was 65,031 yuan / square meter, an increase of 1 month-on-month.21%, the biggest increase.In some view, in this round of boom in the Shenzhen property market, apart from individual sellers and intermediaries participating in the market hype, consumer loans and housing loans and operating loan funds violate the regulations of the real estate market is also a strong boost.Even if a business loan can only be applied by a company, what can an individual do?Azer said it was not difficult.He told reporters that whether it is a limited company or an individual, it is not difficult to become a corporate legal person. You can apply for registration directly on the official website of the Shenzhen Administration for Industry and Commerce, fill in the address in a certain residential area in Shenzhen, an office building, and then apply a registration feeThe company account can be taken after being locked for three months, and then the whole process can be completed.Azer said that some companies are empty shells, and the Bureau of Industry and Commerce may randomly check some of them, the ratio is about 1/10.”If the registered capital is 10 million yuan, it is possible to lend 10 to 20 million yuan.”He revealed that if he wants to lend some more funds when making a mortgage, he or she can give a” benefit fee “to a third-party evaluation company and let them properly estimate the high mortgage assets.However, this level seems to be just as easy as the intermediary said.The reporter learned from the interview that the operating loan limit is relatively higher.A credit person from a large state-owned bank in Shenzhen told reporters that there are two types of house mortgage loans in the bank. One is corporate operating loans. The upper limit of the loan is 5 million.Look at the company’s business scope, supply and marketing contracts, etc .; the other is a consumer loan, with a loan limit of 2 million yuan, and need to provide materials for funds, such as shopping invoices.The upper limit of the two types of loans on average should not exceed 70% of the net value of the house.Another state-owned big bank credit person said that the upper limit of the bank’s mortgage loan is 10 million. The applicant must be a company’s legal person or shareholder. At the same time, it must provide running bills.If the loan is 1 million yuan, the company needs to provide 2 million yuan of running water.Different regions have different implementation standards for different banks.A loan source from a state-owned large bank in Beijing said that the bank has suspended mortgage loans; another loan source from a large state-owned bank said that the mortgage funds were directly sent to third-party accounts.”Assume that you are company A, you buy 100 computers from company B, and use your house as a mortgage to get a bank loan. The bank sees your supply and marketing contract and lends you 1 million yuan, and you call company B directly.”A person from a joint-stock bank also wrote a paper, but what is your relationship with Company B? It may be difficult to check.Another example is that the market value of computers is 8,000 yuan, but the contract is written for 10,000 units, which involves a little tax and requires an invoice. However, this can also be bought for money, so as long as the materials are given to the bank, the bank cannot say that it cannot do it.The source also revealed that the more the location of the mortgaged house, the more the loan may change, because there is no worry about the price of the house changing too much. If it is a non-core lot far above, it may only be at most 4-50%.In addition, in addition to the mortgage of the house, it also depends on the applicant and the company’s turnover. The average monthly income turnover must be within 1.5 times or more; if you are married, you need to see the income flow of your spouse at the same time. When applying for a loan, both parties must sign up at the bank.High-ranking bankers have recalled, explicitly prohibiting the flow of housing mortgage funds to the stock market and the property market. After lending, they will track the funds, and if the home buyers recycle the housing mortgage loans, the personal supplementary debt is too high, and they may be refused to issue loans.I was asked if there were any loans with a lower interest rate than the operating credit rate, and sometimes the discount interest loans that were recently passed were available. Some bankers said: “That’s Hu Gan. It’s a matter of policy. The CBRC will check.”Gradually investigate or slow down the rise in housing prices. Among them: If you want to break the property market, it will definitely rise. Expect to use discounted corporate loans to buy a house, which touches the sensitive nerves of the whole society about the epidemic.”I want to replace the house but the money is not enough. According to the policy, I can only sell the first set. However, in the past, many people borrowed money from the mortgage of the house under various loan names before investing in the property market.This time, it was suspected to be the special anti-epidemic funds during the epidemic. It was originally intended to rescue the trapped small, medium and micro enterprises, and as a result, it was put out into the property market again.”A real estate analyst said to Sauna, Yewang.On April 22, the long-term Shenzhen Central Sub-branch, Shenzhen Small and Medium Business Service Bureau, Shenzhen Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau, Shenzhen Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, and Shenzhen Market Supervision Bureau notified the investigation of housing credit and housing purchase.Among them, the temporary Shenzhen Central Sub-branch said that according to the preliminary investigation of the commercial bank, no application for operating loans was found after just registering the enterprise; no real estate market was found in the form of housing loans for operating loans through the re-financing of small and medium-sized loans; the existence of jurisdictionSome commercial banks have customers who buy the house in full and then apply for the operating loan with the newly acquired property as collateral, but the scale is very small.Commercial banks have been required to fully investigate whether credit funds are illegally included in the real estate sector.In the first quarter of this year, the gross domestic product (GDP) declined year by year6.8%, but the Politburo meeting held on April 17 is still “no housing, no speculation.”Air Force pilots, the China Banking Regulatory Commission and other regulatory agencies have repeatedly stated this principle in their public statements.In the opinion of a real estate analyst, some intermediaries’ rhetoric is theoretical and there are difficulties or risks in actual implementation.For example, no one dared to relocate to buy a house with an interest-bearing enterprise loan, but it is possible that these funds were obtained and then loaned to other enterprises.He also reminded that the Shenzhen property market is full of fake news, such as “zero down payment to buy a house”, “zero interest rate to buy a house”, etc. are all fake, and the hype can easily cause normal buyers to get out of control.Talking about Shenzhen’s high housing prices and high leverage, the analyst believes that the cancellation of the Shenzhen luxury tax line last year was the core reason for the market heat in the last two quarters.According to public reports, in November last year, Shenzhen ordinary houses no longer set a price line, as long as the plot ratio was higher than 1.The dwellings of 0, the single building with a construction area of less than 144 square meters are ordinary residences, and can be exempted from inclusion after two years.At that time, many experts said that after the implementation of the new policy, a house can save 200,000 to 300,000 figures, many buyers who hesitated before have shot.High leverage is a historical reason.The analyst said that from the perspective of the “three-in-one” policy of preventing “yin and yang contracts” and “high appraisal and high loans”, Shenzhen is the latest to be implemented in first-tier cities nationwide.In addition, the budget policy of the real estate market has never been a purchase restriction under the settlement policy, or the most down payment ratio in first-tier cities.Guo Shiying, an analyst at Zhuge Property Search Data Research Center, also told the sauna. Yewang said that the Shenzhen real estate market has always been driven by high leverage, and housing prices have risen in the past year, which is still a good driving effect of planning: February 2019, Guangdong, Hong Kong and MacaoThe development plan for the Greater Bay Area was implemented. In August, Shenzhen built a “first demonstration area”. In November, residents of Hong Kong and Macau in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau and the Greater Bay Area relaxed their housing conditions.”The release of Shenzhen’s multiple favorable policies in 2019 has increased market activity and confidence. Although affected by the epidemic, it quickly recovered. The overall market condition is good and sales prices are rising.The recently-disaster-checked housing boycott of operating loans may slow down the upward momentum of house prices, and housing prices will stabilize in the short term and maintain stable operation.”Guo Shiying said.There is more than one real estate speculator on the property market.Pan Helin, Executive Dean of the Digital Economic Research Institute of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, said that basically real estate has not experienced any decline in depreciation in the past 20 years.Annotations are getting higher and higher and can be getting bigger.Therefore, at this stage, if loose credit is not allowed to flow into the property market, the flow of loans will be seriously checked, and the merger must break through the consistent expectations of the property market.Sauna, Ye Wang Cheng Weimiao editor Wang Jinyu proofread Xue Jingning

5100 parent company’s Tibetan hypertension decreased by 7 in 2019.4.5 billion

On the evening of March 31, the expansion of the Glacier Water brand 5100 parent company Tibet Expansion released a financial report showing that in 2019, Tibet expansion achieved customer contract revenue7.21 trillion, down 18% a year; operating profit 1.US $ 3.3 billion, a 61% decrease each year; profit attributable to company owners decreased by 7.4.5 billion US dollars, the annual data for 2018 is 3.1.8 billion.According to the annual report, in 2019, Tibet’s expansion has basically completed its strategic layout in Tibet’s aquaculture industry.In August 2019, China National Petroleum Corporation acquired 51% of the equity of Tibet Shanan Yala Xiangbu Industrial Co., Ltd. and became the controlling shareholder of Shanan Yala Xiangbu. In 2018, at the high level, Tibet Oilfield acquired Shannan9% equity of Yala Xiangbu.It is understood that Shanna Yala Xiangbu has started to produce “Ge Sang Quan” products in the second half of 2019, and has already begun to sell in the gas station channels of some Chinese provinces of PetroChina.As of the end of 2019, about 30,000 refueling stands have been selling packaged aquatic products from Tibet and related to the extension of Tibet.Tibet Democracy and PetroChina have planned to gradually cover the Gesangquan products to all CNPC gas station channels throughout China.It is estimated that in 2020, there will be about 50,000 gas stations in China that will sell packaged aquatic products related to the expansion of Tibet.In terms of sales volume, the total sales volume of Tibetan democracy products is 10.97, including 6.54 aquatic products sales and 4.42 beer product sales.The total sales volume of Tibetan plateau aquatic products decreased by 11% compared with 2018, and the sales volume of “5100 Glacier Water” and “Gesangquan” products decreased by 12% and 7% compared to 2018; beer product sales decreased compared to 201815%.The population of Tibet said that in the future, it will strengthen sales and logistics cooperation with key platforms such as and Tmall to speed up the development of the Group ‘s products in e-commerce sales channels, and combine the group ‘s service system in the national gas station channels to build more consumerService network for consumers and retail terminals.Sauna, Ye Wang Wang Ziyang Editor Zhu Fenglan proofreading Chen Diyan

[Can eggs and pears be eaten together]_Eating Instructions_Eating Method

I ‘m going to see you all over the world, you ‘ll be able to find out what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on?熶笉渚嫔銆傞浮铔嬫槸涓€绉嶅緢濂界殑琛ュ搧锛岀粡甯搁鐢ㄩ浮铔嬪彲澧炲己璁板繂鍔涳紝杩樺彲淇濇姢蹇冭剰鍜屽姩鑴夎绠°€侀闃茬檶鐥囥€佸欢缂撹“鑰侊紱鑰屾ⅷ鍒欑淮鐢熺礌涓板瘜锛屽叿鏈夋鼎鐕ユ娓淬€侀啋閰鏋滃湪镞ュВ姣掔瓑锷熸晥锛岄偅涔经济鏋滃湪镞ュ父鐢熸椿涓垜浠妸杩欎袱绉嶉鐗╂斁鍦ㄤ竴璧锋潵椋熺敤浼氢笉浼氭湁浠€涔堝嵄瀹冲憿锛熸ⅷ锛氬叿鏈夋鼎鐕ユ秷椋庛€侀啋閰掕В姣掔瓑鍔熸晥锛屽湪绉嬪姘斿€欏共鐕ユ椂锛屼汉浠父鎰熷埌鐨偆鎼旂棐銆佸彛榧诲共鐕ワ紝鏈夋椂骞插挸灏戠棸锛屾瘡澶╁悆涓€涓や釜姊ㄥ彲缂撹В绉嬬嚗锛屾湁鐩婂仴搴枫€傞浮铔嬶細鍏锋湁鍏诲績瀹夌銆佽ˉ琛€銆佹粙闃存鼎鐕ャ€傞浮铔嬪拰姊ㄥ彲浠ュ悓椋燂細楦¤泲鍜屾ⅷ鍚岄骞朵簲浼ゅ锛屽畠浠笉灞炰簬鐩稿厠鐨勯鐗╋紝楦¤泲涓惈鏈夊ぇ閲忚泲鐧借川锛岃€屾ⅷ涓惈鏈夊ぇ閲忕淮鐢熺礌锛岃泲鐧借Chuan Xiashen ⅷ Qianduoqinwan Chacangbenwu Chengxiaguichang Yifanfuya Yuqin Jianjieninfei Zunbuyangyue  Mobeiqinmei Shujiangyuqiang Lunweihuihun Luexixuan ¤ clear wine Xia屾ⅷ钖岄骞朵笉浼氱牬鍧忓郊姝ょ殑钀ュ吇锛屾ⅷ鑳芥竻鐏鼎鐕ャ€佹粙闃村吇棰溿€佹鍜冲寲鐥帮紱楦¤What are you talking about? Do you want to know how to do it? You will be able to learn how to do it if you do n’t know what to do if you do n’t know how to do it.You can’t talk to each other, you can talk to each other, you can’t talk about it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it.浠ュ鏋沧劅鍐掍简灏变笉瑕佹惌閰嶇潃鍚冦€傞浮铔嬪拰浠€涔堜笉鑳戒竴璧Feng Wei adze?This is the only way to get started. The initial results are as follows: the initial results are as follows: the links are as follows: the links are as follows: the other is that you are the only one:泲鐧介叾鐨勬椿鎬э紝褰卞搷铔嬬櫧璐ㄥ湪浜轰綋鍐呯殑娑堝寲鍜屽惛鏀讹紝楦¤泲鐨勮泲娓呴噷鍚湁绮樻€ц泲鐧斤紝鍙互鍚岃眴娴嗕腑鐨勮儼铔嬬櫧閰剁粨鍚堬紝浣胯泲鐧借川鐨勫垎瑙e彈鍒伴樆纰嶏紝浠庤€岄檷浣庝汉浣撳铔嬬櫧璐ㄧ殑鍚告敹鐜囥€?銆侀浮铔嬪拰绯栫簿銆佸懗绮惧悓椋熶笉瀹滐細浼氶€犳垚璋锋皑閰告憚鍏ヨ繃閲忥紝瀵规秷鍖栧強绁炵粡绯荤粺涓嶅ソ銆?銆侀浮铔嬪繉涓庢熆瀛愬悓椋燂細涓€鑸€岃█锛岃繖涓ょ椋熺墿鍚屾椂鍚冧細瀵艰嚧浠ヤ笂鍚愩€佷笅娉汇€佽吂鐥涗负涓荤殑鑳冭偁鐐庣棁鐘躲€?It ‘s very difficult to use it, and it ‘s very difficult to use it. It ‘s very important. It ‘s argon and it ‘s hungry, and it ‘s very important.舰鎴愭灉绯栧熀璧栨皑閰哥殑缁撳悎鐗┿€傝繖绉嶇墿璐ㄤ笉鏄撹浜轰綋鍚告敹锛屽鍋ュ悍浼氫骇鐢熶笉鑹綔鐢ㄣ€?銆侀浮铔嬩笌鍏旇倝鍚屽悆涓嶅疁锛氬厰鑲夊懗鐢樺瘨閰稿喎锛岄浮铔嬬敇骞冲井瀵掞紝浜岃€呴兘鍚湁涓€浜銚 敓 鐗 ╃ 囿 势  纴 鍏 throughout  浼 argon 吢 熢 熷 弽 搴 旓 纴 鍒 閒 瑺 璺 犺 雺 鎳 纴 囮 囡囡 凡 雡 雲 鍡 鍡 貴 致 鉴 銆?I am not sure what is going on, what is going on, what is it, what is it, what is it, what is German, what is it, what is it, what is it, what is it, what is it, what is it, what is it, what is it?In the chain, the world is unclear, and the world’s best is the best way to get around the world. The key points are as follows:槗閫犳垚渚跨锛岃€屼笖杩樺鍔犳湁姣掔墿璐ㄥ拰鑷寸檶鐗╄川琚汉浣撳惛鏀剁殑鍙兘锛屽嵄瀹充汉浣撳仴搴枫€?

[How to make milk chives cakes]_Home made milk chives cakes_How to make milk chives cakes_How to make milk chives cakes

[How to make milk chives cakes]_Home made milk chives cakes_How to make milk chives cakes_How to make milk chives cakes

Food is vital to our body, and it is closely related to our lives.

A good diet can extend your life.

On the contrary, a bad diet can take away our precious lives.

So we should learn to cook, Xiaobian will introduce milk and spring onion cakes for everyone.


Chopped green onions and beat eggs into flour 2.

Pour a small amount of oil into a pot, gently shake the pot to make the oil fill the bottom of the pot. When the oil is 60% hot, turn off the small heat, use a small spoon to scoop the flour into the pot with a spoonThin the flour and cook quickly) 3.

2 While adding milk, stir into a thin paste, add a few drops of sesame oil, a moderate amount of salt, and a few peppers and stir a few times.

When one side is slightly yellow, use the chopsticks to turn the other side.

Both sides are cooked and they are almost cooked. Prepare a plate next to them, pick out the cooked ones, and continue to add new batter5.

The seductive milk chives flower cake, one bite, delicious and good-looking and nutritious. Maybe you have eaten a lot about the milk chives flower cake version, but you must not imagine what it will taste like.

To satisfy curiosity, you can really try it yourself.

[Home-made sauerkraut practice]_ Home-made sauerkraut practice _ Home-made sauerkraut practice Daquan _ How to make home-made sauerkraut

[Home-made sauerkraut practice]_ Home-made sauerkraut practice _ Home-made sauerkraut practice Daquan _ How to make home-made sauerkraut

The development of modern society, the invention of many household appliances, it is actually easier to cook at home, but it is found that many people do not cook, maybe because of the pressure of life and work, and the rapid development of takeaway catering, many people will notEntered the kitchen, today I will introduce to you how to make home-made sauerkraut.


The materials are ready.


Cut the vegetables with a knife from top to bottom.


Let the cut vegetables dry in the sun for 5 to 7 days.


Until the vegetables are covered.


Put sun-covered greens in a basin and wash them with water.


Drain the washed vegetables in a drain basin.

Put the dried vegetables in the pot, add an appropriate amount of salt (500 grams of vegetables requires 20 grams of salt), and stir the salt and the vegetables by hand.


Marinate the stir-fried vegetables for 3 to 8 hours and add to the kimchi jar.


Add the right amount of rock sugar (500 grams of greens requires 5 grams of rock sugar), the right amount of white wine, the right amount of peppercorns.

That’s it.


The pickle jar with green vegetables can be placed for one month to become sauerkraut. The home-made sauerkraut method introduced today, you should learn it!

Once you understand the method, it is more important to practice it, so that you can make your cooking more exquisite, and you can achieve more delicious food. Act fast!

[Efficacy and role of orange cake]_Can_Efficacy

The whole world, the world, the world, the world, the world, the world, the world, and the world愮殑骞叉灉锛屽悆璧锋潵鐗瑰埆閰哥殑寰堝彲鍙o紝鏄緢澶氬皬瀛╁瓙浠殑鏈€鐖憋紝鑰屼笖閲戦挶妗旈ゼ鐨勮惀鍏讳环鍊兼瘮杈冮珮锛屼笉浠呬繚鐣欎簡姗樺瓙鍘熸湁鐨勮惀鍏讳环鍊硷紝杩樺叿鏈夋潃鑿屾鍜崇殑鏁堟灉锛屼笅闈㈠氨璁╁皬缂栨潵缁欏ぇ瀹朵粙缁嶄竴涓嬫楗肩殑鍔熸晥涓庝綔鐢ㄥ惂銆?It ‘s hard to tell the difference, it ‘s hard and hard, and the chains are so hard that you can read it, you can see it, you can see it, you ca n’t find it, you ca n’t find it, you ca n’t find it.ョ 洿 鎺 ヤ 綔 鐢 ㄤ 絬 浜 虹 It is said that the mustard is a mustard, a mustard, a mustard, a tea, a tea, a tea, a tea, a tea tree, a tea tree, a tea tree, a tea tree and a tea tree.This is the best way to do it. By the way, it ‘s a good idea to do it. It ‘s just a matter of time.What’s wrong?銆侀噾閽辨楗艰兘寤剁紦琛拌€侀噾閽辨楗间腑淇濈暀浜嗛噾閽辨鐨勫ぇ閮ㄥ垎钀ュ吇锛屽惈鏈変赴瀵岀殑缁寸敓绱燾杩欑鐗╄川涓嶄絾鑳芥秷闄や汉浣撳唴閮ㄧ殑澶氱鐐庣棁锛岃繕鑳芥粙鍏昏倢鑲わ紝澧炲姞鐨偆Long-term spine pick and pick-and-pick whispering and arguing for the perseverance of the adversity: the ruggedness of the world, the embarrassment of the world, the worms and the worms, the father and the mother, the key, the key, the key, the key, the key, the key, the key, the key, the key, the key, the key, the key, the key, the key, the key, and the key.How to make a marriage? How to make a marriage? How to make a difference? Do you have a shoulder to shoulder?Recognize the difference between the hard and the hard, the hard and fast, the hard work, the hard work, the hard work, the hard work, the hard work, the hard work, the hard work, the hard work, the hard work, the hard work, the hard work, the hard work, the hard work, and the hard work.In the meantime, there is a lot of sorrel, sorrel, sorrel, sorrel, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow氱涓嶈芥湁鏄庢樉缂撹В浣滅敤锛屽畠涓嶄絾鑳芥秷闄ゆ皵绠′腑鐨勭値鐥囷紝杩樿兘绋€閲婄棸娑诧紝鎵╁紶姘旂锛屽姞蹇韩浣撳唴鐥版恫鎺掑嚭銆?銆侀噾閽辨楗艰兘鐤忚倽鐞嗘皵鐤忚倽鐞嗘皵涔熸槸閲戦挶妗旈ゼ鐨勯噸瑕佸姛鏁堜箣涓€锛屽畠瀵逛汉绫荤殑鑲濋儊姘旀粸浠ュ強鑳歌倠鑳€鐥涢兘鏈夋槑鏄剧紦瑙d綔鐢紝骞虫椂闇€瑕佹椂锛屽彲浠ユ妸鍔犲伐濂界殑閲戦挶妗旈ゼ鐢ㄦ哺姘村啿娉′互鍚庨ギ鐢紝鏈€鍚庢妸閲戦挶妗旈ゼ鍚冧笅鍘诲氨鍙互銆傞櫎姝や互澶栵紝閲揦 挶 嗗 旈 ゼ 撿 慿 兿 Qi 冭 幑 少少 經 揑 經 少少 揑 經 揑 經 少少 經 少少 經 揑 Economical 囀 尀 悊 姘 旇 烮 侊 纴 瀵 進 進 握 繡 粡 粡 繡 進 选 揉 繉 繉 繉 尉 珀 William鏈夊緢濂界紦瑙d綔鐢ㄣ€?