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The top ten health posts in the history of calligraphy, both eye-catching and health


The top ten health posts in the history of calligraphy, both eye-catching and health

Since ancient times, people have paid attention to health and pay attention to the “harmony between man and nature.”

Just as the “Nei Jing” advocates: “On the knowing astronomy, knowing the geography, knowing the human affairs, can last for a long time.

The following famous books of the past generations can not only know the concept of the ancients’ health, but also appreciate their calligraphy.

Let’s take a look at it together.

鈻?”Summer Hot Post” “Summer Hot Post”, five generations, Yang Ning style book.

Paper, vertical 23.

8 cm, 33 cm horizontal.

Cursive 8 lines, a total of 32 words.

“Xiaite Post” is a letter written by Yang Ning.

The general idea is that, due to the hot weather, I would like to express my greetings to the monk’s summer drink 鈥淐risp Honey鈥?

After the paper, there are Song Wang Qinruo, Yuan Xian Yu, Zhao Mengfu, Qing Zhang Zhao and the Emperor Qianlong’s interpretation.

His calligraphy is also based on Tang Yanzheng, Liu Gongquan’s brushwork, the rise of the body and the singularity of the singularity. Compared with his essays and works of writing, the artistic style is unique and special, showing the rich artistic changes of the bookmakers.One of the masterpieces of calligraphy.

鈻?”Belly pain posts” “Belly pain posts”, Tang Dynasty, Zhang Xushu.

It is 41 cm high and 34 cm wide.

This stone was engraved for three years (1058) in the Northern Song Dynasty.

Interpretation: Suddenly the pain is unbearable, I do not know it is caused by hot and cold?

Want to take rhubarb soup, hot and cold are all good, how to calculate?

Not for surgery.

In surgery, that is, atractylodes, is produced in the submerged.

In the second year of Emperor Wu of the Western Han Dynasty (formerly 109), it entered Danxian County and belonged to Danyang County. The county government is now located in Yuqian Town, Lin’an City, Zhejiang Province.

In the Eastern Han Dynasty, it was changed to Yu Qian.

“Pharmaceutical Dictionary” contains: “The production of Atractylodes in Zhejiang is a submerged person, known as surgery, and is particularly docile.”

Listed as one of the eight flavors of traditional Chinese medicine.

This post is the representative of Zhang Xu’s mad book.

Words such as waterfalls rushing, sometimes thick and thick, calm and sturdy, sometimes fine and silky, straight down, coherent, coherent, and natural.

In the thick and thin, light and heavy, imaginary and real, broken and connected, sparse and secret, open and close, mad and positive, there are often many contradictions, incredible, but so harmonious, showing a pictureVivid and lively, full of vitality, magnificent art scrolls, unrestrained chest and temperament, omnipresent the artistic impulse and unfetteredness of the author’s creation.

鈻?”The Immortal Living Law” “The Immortal Living Law”, five generations, Yang Ning-style 76-year-old book.

Paper, 27 cm in length and 21 in width.

2 cm.

Cursive 8 lines, a total of 85 words.

When it was his masterpiece of his later years, he influenced the calligraphy of the Song Dynasty.

This post is a kind of fitness massage method in ancient medicine, and the style is similar to the mouth.

Interpretation: Stay in the sitting position, hand rubs and belly.

When the heart is fast, the two hands are intestines.

The bladder waist, the back fist and the kidney.

I feel tired and tired until my family helps.

Don’t get tired of it, staying up late infinity.

Years of age have accumulated and become a fairy road.In the first year of the reign of the Yuan Dynasty, the Huayang Jiaoren was honored by the teacher.

The post seems to be a slogan, and it’s all over the place.

However, I can look forward to the life, the wind and the gods, and create a new style with the characteristics of seeking the most in the danger, so that the innocence is fun.

Mi Fu also praised it: cross-wind slanting wind, falling paper clouds, dripping fast.

Su Shi commented: self-report, Liu did not, the brushwork declined.

At the end of the Tang Dynasty, the characters were dying, and the characters were swept away.

Du Yang Gong’s handwriting is a hero, there are two kings, Yan, Liu Yu, this is really a book of heroes, not for the time being.

鈻?”Dihuang Tangtie” “Dihuang Tangtie”, also known as “New Women Dihuang Tangtie”.

Eastern Jin Dynasty, Wang Xianzhi’s book.

Cursive, vertical 25.

3 cm, horizontal 24.

0 cm, hidden in the Book Museum of Taitung District, Tokyo, Japan.

鈥淒ihuang Tang鈥?is a Chinese medicine name, which is a ruler about this medicine.

Interpretation: The bridegroom serves the yellow soup, which seems to be reduced.

Sleeping food is not good, and you can’t worry about it.

Jun and other things discussed before, must be.

Xie Sheng did not return, but (he).

Advance and retreat can not be solved, I asked the book as well.

The original imprint of Wang Xianzhi has been passed down to the present. As a model ink, there are several kinds of handed downs, one of which is this Tang Yiben, “Dihuang Tangtie”.

The whole book is both flexible and sturdy, and it is full of enthusiasm.

The original collection was in Song Nei, and Gao Zong Zhao was inscribed.

For the tenth collection of “Suihua Pavilion”.

After Jia Yidao, Ming Zheng Wen Zhengming, Wang Chong, Wen Peng, Qing Cheng Sun Chengze, Wu Rongguang, Luo Zhenyu moved into Tibet, in the forty-four years of Meiji (1911), on December 3, through the text court to return to the villageFold (1866 – 1943) all.

At the end of the volume, Wen Peng, Chang Sheng, Cheng Wang, Ying He and other six watch questions.

When Wu Rongguang was allowed to be on time, he was engraved in the album “绛犳竻棣嗗笘”.

In the spring of 2006, he was seen at the Shanghai Museum “Chinese and Japanese Calligraphy Treasures Exhibition”.

鈻?”Duck Head Pills” “Duck Head Pills”, Dong Jin, Wang Xianzhi wrote a masterpiece of a cursive script on the plaque.

Originally in the Shanghai Museum, it has two lines of 15 characters.

Interpretation: duck head pills, it is not good.

Ming must be a must, when you meet with Jun.

Judging from the tone of the post, it is appropriate that some people have already taken the duck-head pills, but they feel that the effect is not good. Therefore, I told Wang Xianzhi that after Wang Xianzhi’s service, I feel that I’m so happy, so I’ll reply to this friend’s meeting tomorrow.Ask for advice.

This piece of work is very skilled in writing. The strokes are very powerful and the wind and the gods are distracted. The main features are as follows: the pen and the paper are smart and varied, and the square pen, the round pen, the side and the front are all, such as “duck”.When the “two-character” is written directly along the pen.

The word and the word are connected through the air, and there is a break in the middle, such as the first line “Ming must be”.

There is both the beauty of strength and the beauty of beauty. The ink is natural, the ink is dry and rich, and the change is rich.

The vertical distance of the Zhangfa is very wide, and suddenly it is a sloppy and sloppy one. It is a cursive and exquisite curiosity.

鈻?”Ping Fu posts” “Ping Fu posts”, Western Jin Dynasty, Lu Jishu.

Paper, hand roll, vertical 23.

7 cm, horizontal 20.

6 cm, grass lishu, 9 lines 86 words.

“Ping Fu” has an important position in the history of Chinese calligraphy.Interpretation: Yan Xianyu, it is difficult to calm down, it is a disease, not to mention this, this is already celebrated.

In order to be a man, I was fortunate to be worried before the loss.

Wu Ziyang came to the Lord early, I can’t do it.

Linxi is coming back, and the power is detailed.

Acting into the view, the beauty of the autonomous axle is also.

Before thinking about the quantity, there is always a potential, and it should be called.

When Xia Borong was in trouble, he was not informed.

The writing date of this post has been more than 1,700 years ago. It is the first time in the existing era and is truly credible.

It is written on a hemp paper with a bald pen, and the style is flat and simple. The font is a grass book.

鈻?”health theory” “health theory”, Song Dynasty, Zhao composition.

Zhao Li is the ninth son of Song Emperor Gaozong and Song Huizong.

Vertical 25.

1 cm, horizontal 63.

6 cm, the real grass two-body book, is one of the masterpieces of the preservation of the world.

“The Theory of Health Preservation” is an earlier famous article in ancient ancient health.

It is made by the poet of the Three Kingdoms, Kang Kang, and the necessity and essence of health preservation is added here. It is called co-cultivation of the gods and gods, especially the gods; the health care should be seen in the micro-knowledge, the prevention of micro-duration, to prevent problems before they occur; the requirements for health must be perseverance, and the wisdom is clear.And put forward some specific ways of health.

Zhao’s book “The Theory of Health Preservation” completely inherits the book style of the “two kings”, and uses the pen to moisten the round and round, and the rich and round is not lost, the gentle and sturdy image is clear and flowing.

The words are sloppy and beautiful, the real book is stable and the rhyme is lingering, the cursive flow is flowing and the meaning is rushing, and the so-called “绂婂笘瀚″畻”.

鈻?”food fish meat posts” “food fish meat posts”, Tang Dynasty, Gao Wei Huai Su’s book.

Vertical 29 cm, horizontal 51.

5 cm, cursive, 8 lines and 56 words.

The ink of the world is a transcript.

This post is one of Huai Su’s masterpieces.

Interpretation: Laojiao eats fish in Changsha, and comes to Chang’an City. He eats more meat and smiles for Changliu. It is deeply inconvenient.

Therefore, long illness, can not be more books, real sparse (the left half of this word has been damaged).

Also reported to the king, want to be good at the meeting, when you have to help.

On the 9th, Huai Su was really white.

The thought of Zen Buddhism was in a period of development and evolution, and people’s behaviors of being unruly and obsessed with Zen were still unacceptable.

Therefore, it is often inconvenient for Huai Su to supplement the consumption of meat and meat.

His calligraphy is mellow and mellow, and it is easy to be ridiculous. The pen and ink are wonderful and moving, which makes it flexible and easy to follow. In the end, Wen Zheng Ming praises: “Zangzhen books are scattered into the holy, and there is nothing wrong with the blame.”

Xu Bangda’s “Ancient paintings and paintings must be recorded” thinks that the strokes are slightly stagnant, and there are traces of Xu’s replenishment in the dry pens. It should be half-baked, but the skills of the hooks are superb, and the knots keep the face of Huai Su calligraphy.
As far as Gao Gu’s works are concerned, the early transcripts have the same important academic value as the original works.

鈻?”Raspberry Post” “Raspberry Post”, Northern Song Dynasty, Su Shishu.

Paper, vertical 27.

7 cm, horizontal 44.

8 cm, line book, 6 lines and 44 words, hidden in the National Palace Museum in Taipei.

Interpretation: Raspberry is very annoying to send, I feel it.

When the order was visited, the value was not seen.

When it’s fascinating, too.

Mr. Ji Chang, a book, and a small corner of the letter, please serve.White.

Su Shi understands medicine and knows the medicinal value of raspberries. Therefore, people are mostly picking for the purpose of raising health care.

His book is chasing the two kings, Yan Liu, Li Beihai, etc., and is deeply involved in the traditional study. He uses the pen to take more side effects, the strokes are thick, fine, and the body is integrated, the body is left low and the right is high, forming a plump and falling down.Deep and simple style.

Huang Tingjian said that he “has been fine with the pen in the early years and is getting closer to nature” and “there is a lot of power in the post of Huangzhou.”

鈻?”foot athletes” “foot athletes”, Northern Song Dynasty, Cai Yishu.

Paper, vertical 26.

9 cm, horizontal 21.

7 cm, cursive, hidden in the National Palace Museum in Taipei.

“Beads Post” is a letter, explanation: Since April, the servant has become swollen in the athlete’s foot, and it is reduced in the autumn, so he did not leave the North, but he did not forget the ear.

Three Yimeng books, inconvenient, from time to time still answer, hehe.

I will print on the 4th of this month, and I will be on the road.

Cai Huan’s calligraphy is mainly Zhengzheng. This is a kind of cursive, and it is a cursive script. Its brushwork is exquisite, the writing is smooth, and it is beautiful and beautiful. It is a good cursive for Cai Yuxing.

Eat more food in the summer to prevent sputum


Eat more food in the summer to prevent sputum

Eat more food in the summer to prevent phlegm nutrition experts to remind that some foods change sensitivity, if a large amount of intake will reduce the skin’s ability to resist sun, accelerate skin blackening.

Photosensitive foods generally include: snails, leeks, canola, spinach, lettuce, figs, parsley, celery, leeks, red beans, etc. These foods contain sensitizing substances. After exposure to ultraviolet light, the skin is prone to allergies, inflammation, and pigments.Precipitation and other phenomena.

After eating a large amount of photosensitive food, it will form dark spots after continuous exposure to sunlight.

Of course, these foods have their own unique nutrients. This is not to ask you to completely abandon them. Just don’t overeat or eat before going out.

Studies have found that ultraviolet rays in the sun stimulate the skin to produce a large number of oxidative free radicals, and free radicals can damage skin cell tissues, accelerate the oxidation reaction of melanin production, make the skin dull, rough and lose elasticity, and also make the skinReduced resistance.

Some foods can be used in the body for sun protection, or to help consolidate sunscreen effects. Nutrition experts have introduced several types of foods that can help with sun protection:

Vitamin C’s fruit vitamin C can be said to be the skin of the skin forever. Regular consumption can whiten the skin.

For example, lemon, guava, kiwi, strawberry, and sacred fruit are all called vitamin C.


Isoflavones in soy products are a kind of phytoestrogens that can replace some of the female hormones to help fight the intensification. It also has antioxidant capacity and is an indispensable type of food for women to maintain shiny and delicate skin.


Most of the nut oils ingested vitamin E to help fight oxidation and eliminate free radicals that damage skin cells.

High vitamin E foods also include wheat germ, peanuts and various nuts.


The old saying in the cereal says, “The thicker the skin, the finer the skin.” Whole grains are rich in vitamin B and vitamin E, which are important nutrients for the skin to enhance resistance and recovery.


Tea tea contains tea polyphenols and is a powerful antioxidant.

Studies have indicated that it has higher antioxidant capacity than traditional vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E.


Misunderstandings in healthy eating


Misunderstandings in healthy eating

Eating, very simple things, but the health knowledge inside is really quite a lot.

Experts have revealed various misunderstandings in healthy diets.

The old man should take a good look.

銆€銆€Myth #1: Fruity snacks are healthier. The photo of the beautiful fruit on the top, called all products are from fresh fruit – even then, you can never use it to replace the source of the nutrients you need every day.

銆€銆€鈥淐oncentrated grape juice or pear juice sounds very healthy. In fact, their raw materials are just fructose and water.

Professor Gail of Food Science and Human Nutrition at General State University said.

These small foods contain almost no cellulose, and some even contain saturated fat that can cause arterial embolism.

鈥淭hese often contain a lot of toxins 鈥?almost all from added sugar.

“If you treat such a small snack directly as a fruit, it is better to eat less.”

If you’re looking for some quick and easy ways, maybe a bag of raisins or some other dried fruit is a good choice.

銆€銆€Myth 2: Bottled milk is more fresh. Glass bottled milk has a short shelf life, which makes people think it is more fresh.

actually not.

Transparently packaged milk, some nutrients will be lost.

Calcium in milk is relatively stable, but vitamins and amino acids break down under the light.

銆€銆€A Cornell University study found that when milk is packaged in plastic containers and exposed to fluorescence for 16 hours, its vitamin A content is reduced by 32%.

Light will oxidize the adult in the milk and the taste will be worse.

銆€銆€It is best to choose milk in an opaque container.

In this case, the nutrients in the milk can be stored for more than 10 days.

Three nine supplements one winter, no disease in the coming year


Three nine supplements one winter, no disease in the coming year

As the saying goes, “three nine to make up a winter, no pain in the coming year.”

Winter tonic is one of the traditional methods of preventing disease and strengthening the body and supporting weak self-care.

銆€銆€The motherland medicine believes that winter tonic and balance yin and yang, dredge meridians, and reconcile qi and blood are closely related.

銆€銆€Older people are more likely to have food supplements in the cold season due to decreased body function and low resistance.

This can improve the nutritional status, enhance the body’s immune function, and promote the rehabilitation of the body, which can show the effect that the drug can not replace.

銆€銆€Winter tonic should conform to nature, pay attention to Yangyang, mainly to nourish, according to the principle of “virtual supplement, cold and warm” in Chinese medicine, in the substitution should eat more warm, hot, especially warming kidney and kidney foodConditioning to improve the body’s ability to withstand cold.

銆€銆€Winter “food supplement” should be supplemented with protein, vitamins and foods that are easy to digest.

銆€銆€The elderly take a small cup of ginseng wine or sassafras in the morning, which can prevent wind and cold.

Older people with weak constitution, often eat stewed hens in winter, fine meat, tendons, regular milk, soy milk, etc., can enhance physical fitness.

銆€銆€Cut the appropriate amount of beef into small pieces, add rice wine, onion, ginger, stewed in a casserole, eat meat and drink soup, good for thirst, strong bones and strong bones, nourish the spleen and stomach.

銆€銆€Old people with insufficient yang can cook mutton and radish, then remove the radish (ie remove the smell of mutton), add 15 grams of Cistanche, 15 grams of Morinda, 15 grams of medlar to cook, eat mutton soup,There is the effect of Xingyang Wenyun.

Drinking almond milk in winter can effectively alleviate the symptoms of rehabilitation.


Drinking almond milk in winter can effectively alleviate the symptoms of rehabilitation.

The winter climate is dry and it is easy to induce respiratory diseases such as cough and pharyngitis.

Professor Yang Li of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine reminded that autumn and winter seasons should pay special attention to raising lungs and preventing the occurrence of respiratory diseases.

In the winter, drinking almond milk can keep the lungs “water” and “run”, effectively relieving cough and asthma.

銆€銆€Almond is a food that has been used for a long time in developing countries.

Motherland medicine believes: almonds, bitter taste, warm, small poison, into the lungs, large intestine, taste bitter into the lungs, can lower lungs; taste Xinshou evacuation, Xuanfei Zhizhi, cough and asthma.

The “Compendium of Materia Medica” also said that there are three uses of almonds: “Run the lungs too, eliminate the food, and disperse the gas.”

There are two kinds of almonds, one kind of bitter taste, called bitter apricot or north apricot, which is mostly used for treatment; a kind of sweet taste, called sweet apricot or apricot, which is specially for consumption.

Of course, most of the daily apricots are used for moisturizing and other therapeutic treatments, and apricot is used to treat cough and more.

Almond, if it is on the part, it is the medicine on the coke; if it is on the lungs, it will enter the lungs; if it is on the blood, it will take the gas, it is sweet and not dry, it should be the body of the lungs, bitter tasteAnd the sexual decline is the same as the use of the down.

The lungs are reversed and cough, and the lungs are used to lower the lungs and relieve asthma and cough; the spleen of Yangming is about the stool and the stool is hard. The algae is used to lower the lungs to respond to the large intestine, and the water is adjusted to moisten the stool.

銆€銆€The role of almonds in relieving cough and relieving asthma has been confirmed by modern medical research.

The bitter almonds contained in the almonds are digested after consumption, and under the biochemical action of almond enzymes, the ability to produce cough and antipyretic hydrocyanic acid can be produced.

At present, in the Chinese medicine formula, the almond is peeled to the tip to reduce its toxicity.

According to pharmacological studies, the toxic component of almonds, bitter almond, is an effective ingredient for relieving cough and asthma. It has a high content in the seed coat. Therefore, the effect of relieving cough and relieving asthma can be greatly improved by using a skinned almond.

The folks developed almond sugar with the skinned almonds and the right amount of rock sugar, and served 9 grams each morning and evening. It is better for treating chronic bronchitis.

銆€銆€Lulu Almond is a natural beverage based on wild almonds.

It contains protein, vitamin E and calcium, iron, zinc and other trace elements, is a good choice for lungs and lungs.

Especially in the dry winter, almond dew can cause lungs and dryness.

In the almond dew, add white fungus, Sydney and other foods that moisturize the lungs and nourish the yin, and turn into almonds, and the effect of moistening the lungs and relieving asthma can be doubled.

銆€銆€Finally, experts reminded that in the winter to protect the lungs, we must do a good job of “three highs and four lows.”

“Three high” means high protein, high vitamin, high cellulose, should eat more lean meat, soy products, fish, mushrooms and other high protein foods, vegetables, fruits, beans, milk, black fungus and other foods containing vitamins.And high-fiber foods such as coarse food; “four lows” means eating low-cholesterol, low-fat, low-sugar, low-salt foods in the diet.

In addition, autumn and winter do not hinder the strengthening of diet to raise lungs, almonds, sugar cane, autumn pears, lilies, honey, radishes, black sesame seeds, soy milk, tofu, walnuts, pine nuts and other foods, have the function of nourishing lungs.

Ten flowers make women direct orgasm


Ten flowers make women direct orgasm

The first trick: It is just as important to please yourself and please the other. Sometimes, women are not satisfied with the fear of the other party, so try to match the needs of the other party.

But sex is actually the application and acceptance of both sides. If you satisfy each other blindly, women will become hateful of “the thing” in the end.

Women should explain their needs to each other in a straightforward manner, without feeling guilty or embarrassed, because in fact, men like women who can enjoy sex.

When a man finds out that his actions can bring happiness to women, it is more exciting than any aphrodisiac.

銆€銆€The second trick: don’t pretend to climax in order to please men, some women can be very realistic to pretend to climax, so that men can not distinguish.

But when they did this, they didn’t think of the long-term consequences: if they didn’t feel happy but fake orgasm, it would definitely let the man continue to repeat his wrong move next time, because he mistakenly thought that way to make women happy.

銆€銆€A woman once had this experience: her partner forced her genitals to make her climax, but made her hurt.

She was embarrassed to tell him that his way was too rude, so he pretended to reach a climax so that he could stop.

Unexpectedly, every time he used this rude way to marry her, making her more and more painful, and finally she couldn’t stand it, and had to tell him the truth.

This made the man suffer a lot, and the woman was very remorseful, if it was clear at the beginning.

銆€銆€The third trick: don’t ignore other parts of the man’s body. Usually, men seem to be able to enter directly without any foreplay, and enjoy it.

In fact, this is their own misunderstanding.

Touching and teasing a little man is very excited, because when women do this, they are saying how they like his body.

Some women are shy and afraid to act, but there is absolutely no male who does not like women to do so, so just be bold and do it, and you will get visible results immediately.

Stroking and teasing is simple, as long as you slide your fingers all over his body, especially the thighs and nipples; sometimes he touches his lower part as a teasing.

In addition, women can also use hair, tongue and eyelashes to increase the effect of teasing.

銆€銆€The fourth trick: don’t be afraid of sexual fantasies. A woman admits that every time she makes a love with her husband, she imagines having sex with Leonardo.

This kind of imagination made her very excited, and her husband was happy because of her wild actions.

She felt that it didn’t matter. Anyway, she couldn’t really have an affair with Matt Damon.

Experts say that sexual fantasies are healthy because it is not only a big motivation, but what happens in fantasy is not necessarily true.

For example, if a heterosexual male fantasizes about lesbianism, it does not mean that he is gay men; a woman who imagines having sex with a man other than her husband does not mean that she wants an affair.

Sexual fantasies only show that this person has a rich imagination, and this does stimulate sexual love.

銆€銆€The fifth measure: learning masturbation Since the first ejaculation of men usually comes from masturbation, the proportion of women doing this is definitely not low.

In fact, masturbation is a very effective way to learn, because after you understand your body, you can guide each other in the most appropriate way when you have sex with your partner.

There is also a benefit to masturbation: it must reach its climax.

銆€銆€Sixth trick: Don’t be the same. If you make love in the same way every night, once you reach the climax, you will still become boring.

This is because there is no expectation.

According to the personal experience of a woman: as long as she is on the top, rubbing the male pussy with a shoulder circle, it can reach a climax.

Therefore, they take this position every time they make love, and soon they reach a climax and hurriedly end, and the result is not satisfied at all.

In fact, it is the old word: the more slowly the mouth is, the more delicious it is.

In other words, the slower the climax, the stronger the sensation.

When taking the posture with the highest irritation, once you reach the level of excitement, don’t wait until the climax comes, you should change to other postures.

This is done to reduce the timing of the climax, but also to explore the fun of other poses.

銆€銆€The seventh trick: understand each other’s body. We know that everyone is different, and the same is true in sex.

If women have had sexual experience with other men before, sometimes they will use the previous method to their current partners. This is not appropriate.

So how do you know what the other party likes?

This depends on careful observation.

Of course, some people will automatically use swearing or shouting to express his preferences, but many people may belong to the type of silence is gold, at this time can listen to his breathing is faster or take a breath; his pupil suddenly enlarged; chin looseCrash; the most obvious is that the penis hardens.It doesn’t take long for this observation to work seamlessly with his preferences.

銆€銆€Eighth trick: love your body. Among the ten modern women, nine people feel that they are too fat.

When you meet naked, this kind of self-reduction will sometimes prevent the two from enjoying the fun they deserve.

Perhaps, for example, a person who thinks that the dark color is too small may feel inferior when his partner touches his chest, and then subconsciously avoids his hand or guides him to other places.

Over time, such signals are replaced with a partner, thus affecting sexual relationships.

One woman trained herself to think like this: Although she is not very young, the man is happy to go to bed with her, which proves that they don’t think there is anything wrong with her chest.

In this way, she no longer resisted the black hair of the male partner.

銆€銆€Ninth trick: make good use of auxiliary equipment Whether it is fun goods or porn video tapes are good tools to add sex fun, because they can provide a lot of new ideas and increase the excitement.

For some people, sex goods can even solve the problem of uncoordinated sex.

A woman who has difficulty reaching her climax must manually reach her orgasm after her partner withdraws, which makes her partner embarrassed.

Later, she bought a mat with a surface full of particles, a hole in the middle for the penis to penetrate, and put it into the genitals, so that each insertion of the partner would cause the mat to rub her pussy, bringing her fromHaven’t had fun.

Buying such items can be done by TV mail order or on the internet, sometimes causing embarrassment.

銆€銆€Tenth trick: spying on other people’s sexual life Although it is usually not good to snoop, but sometimes their sexual life is not perfect, then prying will also bring positive power.

Because seeing the happiness of others, you will stimulate yourself to find ways to change the situation.

After a girl broke up with her boyfriend, she saw that her roommate had a man to go home all night, and I couldn’t stand it. I finally decided to go out and find a new partner, and I found it successfully.

If she is not stimulated by her roommate, she may have a long time to lock herself up and blame herself.

4 kinds of common geriatric diseases, please pay attention to the elderly!


4 kinds of common geriatric diseases, please pay attention to the elderly!

As the saying goes, some old homes have a treasure.

Now almost every family has an old man.

As the elderly grow older, their physical functions are seriously degraded, their immunity is low, and they will have some illnesses.

Today, Xiaobian will introduce to you, 4 kinds of common geriatric diseases, please pay attention to the elderly at home!

銆€銆€1 Crime is now in the autumn and winter, it is the high incidence of cardiovascular disease.

At this stage, we must be optimistic about the elderly in our own home, and it is prone to sudden death.

銆€銆€If the elderly in the family have had a history of hypertension, it is best to eat more vegetables and massage the abdomen to prevent constipation.

Because why do you do this?

In fact, it is because when you use force to defecate, it will hold your breath. The abdominal wall muscles and diaphragm muscles will contract strongly, causing the abdominal pressure to rise, causing sudden rise in blood pressure, increased myocardial oxygen consumption, causing angina, etc., which can lead to sudden death.

銆€銆€2 Osteoporosis Osteoporosis is insidious and difficult to detect before it causes fractures or other adverse effects.

Osteoporosis occurs mostly in the elderly.

Osteoporosis has become a social problem as the population ages.

銆€銆€Older people with osteoporosis are advised to exercise an appropriate amount of exercise every day to ensure 30 minutes of exercise a day, preferably in the morning.

Do not exercise formaldehyde, do your best.

On the basis of moderate exercise, the corresponding calcium can be supplemented to supplement calcium.

銆€銆€3 The overall trend of diabetes mellitus and other elderly patients with type 2 diabetes is increasing. The internal north is higher than the south, the east is higher than the west, and the urban is higher than the rural. There is no obvious gender difference.

銆€銆€Diabetes is prone to disease, and it is easy to combine several diseases, which will bring a lot of pain to patients and their families.

Older people need to carry out appropriate health care according to their own situation.

銆€銆€4 Cancer One in every six deaths worldwide has died of cancer.

Cancer has become the number one killer of human health.

China is 19.

31% of the population accounts for 21% of global cancers.


The aging of the population is a major factor in the high incidence of cancer.

銆€銆€The elderly have degraded physical function, low immunity, and the risk of cancer is much higher than other people.

In order to prevent cancer, it is recommended that the elderly quit smoking and limit alcohol, balance work and rest, do not stay up late.

Regular physical examinations are conducted every year, and tumor screening is performed to prevent it from happening.

Five ways to teach you how to remove wrinkles


Five ways to teach you how to remove wrinkles


Topical Skin Care Therapy In fact, among the various craytail-removing products currently seen, the eye-care products have the most obvious effect.

Young women should know how to prevent the appearance of crow’s feet early. When using anti-wrinkle moisturizing cream, try to replenish the heavy-duty, oil-substituted Afusa product.

Food therapy If you use food to wrinkle, choose some egg yolk, trotters, chicken bones, etc. Although the food wrinkle method is slow, it can be replaced easily and economically, suitable for light crow’s feet, and for some depthCrow’s feet, it is recommended to use eye sticks or eye cream products.


Injection therapy Of course, if you don’t mind the coaxial knife movement, you can also choose laser wrinkle, injection wrinkle or surgical wrinkle.

A bio-product “living gelatin element” can be injected under the skin of the crow’s feet to achieve the purpose of achieving flat wrinkles.

Severe crow’s feet must be partially removed by cosmetic surgery. If necessary, the skin of this part must be peeled off and tightened to remove excess skin.

If the fascia of the hypertensive department and the orbicularis muscle under the eyelids can be tightened together, the effect of eliminating the crow’s feet of the outer corner of the eye is more perfect and lasting.


Chinese medicine therapy This side comes from the doctor’s book “Miao Xiao Liang Fang” compiled by Ming Mingtai Hospital.

Medicinal: 500 grams of ginger, 250 grams of jujube, 200 grams of fennel, 150 grams of licorice, 100 grams of salt, cloves and cloves, 25 grams of agarwood, a total of research, mix and spare.

Every morning, take 10-15 grams of the drug at the end of the medicine, and simmer in water or brew with boiling water.

As the medical book says, 鈥淒rink a cup every morning, and the age is not old.

This ginger, jujube is the main method of diet, although simple, but the effect is extraordinary, long-term existence can warm the spleen and kidney, Yue Ze face, crow’s feet naturally disappear, is the ancient passed down.


Maintenance brand If you have good economic conditions, you can choose some wrinkle maintenance brand, like the wrinkle skin rejuvenation liquid, this is very powerful, in addition, there are some small habits of paying attention to some crow’s feet in daily life.

If you stay up late, the expression is rich and likes the size, not paying attention to hydration and sun protection.

Full body to learn Yang Yulin’s green papaya breast enhancement method


Full body to learn Yang Yulin’s green papaya breast enhancement method

In recent years, a new generation of Taiwanese idol artist Yang Yulin, a baby face will always leave a feeling of not yet mature. I did not expect that the first time as a spokesperson for merchandising, she just needs her to stretch her full body.Nourishing drink “Green Papaya Four Drinks”, in the advertisement she changed from the old flat-breasted girl to the full-bodied plump little woman, it is amazing!

What method did she use to fill her body?

銆€銆€How did Yang Yulin become bigger?

Did she do anything. It seems to have become a new topic in the entertainment industry.

銆€銆€Yang Yulin immediately opened her big eyes with her signature signs and said innocently: “I didn’t do anything, just ate a lot of green papaya!

“The method of breast-feeding with green papaya” stands out from the contest of “Healthy Beauty for Generations”. Yang Yulin said: “I have participated in various competitions since the age of thirteen, and the number of failed experiences is unclear. Most of the reasons are, to some extent.I even abandoned the talents in dance performances.

“Yang Yulin said: “I didn’t develop at that time, and I didn’t even wear a bra.”

“Yang Yulin described herself as a girl with a high-rise stunting type.”

銆€銆€”Until 16 years old, after entering the show business, my mother was afraid that her bust would affect her star, and began to use her various green papaya breasts to help her “fill the chest”, from cold green papaya silk to green papaya stewed pork ribs, I hope there areOne day, the green papaya breast can be used, and finally Huang Tian does not bear the pains of the people, she is really “bigger”!

Even my mother said very proudly: “My daughter is really bigger, more and more like a woman!



“Saliva” can promote blood coagulation

Modern scientific research has confirmed that in addition to water, saliva also contains various components such as amylase, lysozyme, mucin, globulin, lactic acid gallstone, calcium phosphate, amino acid, potassium, calcium and chlorine.
These are all material ingredients that are beneficial to the human body.
銆€銆€Saliva has eight functions for human health: First, the rinsing action can wash away the food residue to keep the mouth clean and hygienic.
銆€銆€The second is lubrication, which contains mucin in the saliva, which makes the mouth soft and soft.
銆€銆€The third is hemostasis, saliva can promote blood coagulation, saliva can help stop bleeding when it is caused by internal or external trauma or tooth extraction.
銆€銆€The fourth is the dilution effect. When irritating substances such as acid and bitterness enter the oral cavity, the secretion of saliva increases, and it is diluted to facilitate spitting or ingesting.
銆€銆€The fifth is the antibacterial effect. The various organic and inorganic components in the saliva produce a certain antibacterial effect through different mechanisms, which can prevent inflammation of the mouth, throat and gums.
銆€銆€Sixth is the healing effect. There is a nerve growth hormone in the saliva. This auxin can significantly shorten the wound healing time and accelerate the healing of burned skin.
銆€銆€Seven is the digestion, the mouth water contains a lot of amylase, which can hydrolyze the starch into maltose, making it easy to be absorbed.
銆€銆€Eight is the anti-aging effect. The saliva contains a kind of “salivary salivary hormone” that can keep people young. It can make people smart, strong and strong, so that even when people reach old age, they will be red and full of vitality.
銆€銆€”Saliva” is precious, can not be wasted, abandoned, and should be good at promoting the secretion of saliva, to achieve the purpose of fitness and growth.