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Blade Warrior shoots his girlfriend and traces her ex-girlfriends

“Blade Warrior” shot his girlfriend and traced his former girlfriends
Minnan News March 5 hearing Tuesday, the “blade fighter” Oscar Pistoris Valentine’s shooting of his girlfriend in the case of the High Court of North Gauteng in South Africa continues to hear the case.In the previous day’s court trial, Pistorius objected to the alleged murder and violation of gun management laws.  Unlike past short stays in the courtroom by Pistoris, the litigation and defense parties will conduct a debate for about three weeks under the witness of the global media to fully launch the case.  Female judges, female witnesses, girlfriends, and Pistoris’ crimes and penalties are determined by women.  At the prime minister, Judge Mahipa was famous for being stern.According to the interpretation of the South African media, she particularly hates men for committing violent crimes against women, and is known as the “protection god of women and children”.In May of last year, Moyu, the criminal of burglary and rape, was sentenced to 252 years in prison by Mahipa to prevent demonstrations.  In addition, when “Blade Warrior” was pushed to the trial, his ex-girlfriends appeared one after another and became witnesses of his surly character.They complained together: Oscar, once scared us.  Ex-girlfriend Melissa Rowe and her mother Samantha Taylor were included in the list of 107 witnesses in the case.Taylor said he was very happy that his daughter broke up with Pistoris, “Finally escaped his magic claw.He has a bad temper and is often rough, and no one wants his daughter to be hurt.”In the past year, Pistoris spent huge sums of money on bail.In extraordinary times, he is still nourished by love.Pistoris’s new girlfriend is 19-year-old Lil Skyer, a student of the emergency nursing school.However, after the rug-like detection in the media, the British “Observer” reported that it had received reliable information. Pistoris and Skyer had a big fight on Valentine’s Day this year, because the reason: he was rough again!

The Beatles’ Hey Jude lyrics manuscript was sold online for $ 910,000

The Beatles’ “Hey Jude” lyrics manuscript was sold online for $ 910,000
在披头士乐队解散50周年之际,当地时间4月10日,在洛杉矶朱利安拍卖行(Auction house Julien’s )举行有关披头士的主题在线拍卖中,保罗·麦卡特尼1968年7月在When London Trident Studio recorded “Hey Jude”, the lyric manuscripts written in a hurry were eventually sold for $ 910,000, which was much higher than the original estimate of $ 160,000.The auction house did not disclose the corrected information of the buyer of the “Hey Jude” manuscript, only that it was an American collector.Paul McCartney’s scribbled manuscript when recording “Hey Jude” in London in 1968.In addition to the most popular merchandise of this auction-Paul McCartney’s lyrics manuscript, the source of the Julian auction house, the Beatles’ first North American tour in 1964, used the Beatles logo at the San Francisco Bull Palace Arena.’S retro bass drum head is another top lot at the auction, which was eventually sold for $ 200,000.In addition, in 1969, John Lennon and Yoko Ono sold their “BAGISM” against the Vietnam War in the record “Bed in Peace” for $ 93,750. “Hello Goodbye”The music video shooting script was sold for $ 83,200, and the ashtray used by band drummer Ringo Starr at Abbey Road Studios in London was reduced to $ 32,500.In this auction, there are more than 250 commemorative items from the Beatles, but in order to deal with the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Julian auction house can only receive digital real-time annotations by phone and remote online.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Wu Longzhen Proofreading Wu Xingfa