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51954!This Fener matchup set a record number of people watching tennis

51954!This Fener matchup set a record number of people watching tennis
Federer played in front of more than 50,000 live audiences.Beijing time this morning, Federer and Nadal played an exhibition match in Cape Town, South Africa, attracting a total of 51,954 spectators, setting a new record for the number of people watching tennis.Federer also revealed a little secret after the game, “Lafa told me today that he cried when I got the French Open in 2009, and he was really happy for me.”Federer’s mother is a South African. He also established the Roger Federer Foundation early to help African children’s education and sports projects. This foundation has currently raised more than 50 million US dollars of funds.It is also a wish of Federer to hold an exhibition game in South Africa. This time he invited a good friend and old opponent Nadal.The exhibition game was held in a football stadium in Cape Town, attracting a total of 51954 fans to watch the game, breaking Federer and Zverev in November last year set a record of 42517 people in the Mexican exhibition game.This temporary course was painted red, and Federer joked that it was specifically prepared for Nadal. “It looks like a clay court, but in fact it is a hard court.In the doubles match, Federer partner Bill Gates defeated Nadal and South African actor Trevor Noah 6-3.After the singles match, Federer won Nadal 6-4, 3-6, 6-3.”We will always share our love for tennis and also help children have a better education and life.Federer said it was a rare experience in his mother’s home country to compete with the most powerful opponent, Nadal.Nadal also said that Federer has shared many magical moments with him both inside and outside the stadium. “I am excited to be able to come to South Africa with Roger and contribute to children’s charity.”After the exhibition game, the host asked Federer whether he was a friend or an opponent with Nadal. The Swiss responded this way,” Can I say both?Rafa is a great person, and we, our family, respect each other.”Later, Federer discovered a little secret,” Rafa told me today. He cried when I got the French Open in 2009. He was really happy for me.From 2005 to 2008, Federer lost to Nadal at the French Open for four consecutive years.In the fourth round of the French Open in 2009, Nadal was defeated by Soderling.In the end, Federer defeated Soderling and won the only French Open championship in his career. He achieved a grand slam.Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Liu Jun

Entertainment characters of the year in 2019 丨 Zhan Xiao: interesting soul is as important as appearance

Sauna Night Net: All talk about the topic, traffic is a double-edged sword, in your opinion, the pros and cons of each accounted for.why?Xiao Zhan: I think half and half.Everything has two sides, depending on whether you want to look at it with a certain mentality. Topics and traffic can bring everyone’s attention to you, but it also brings pressure, which means that you need to work harder and use more.Good works and characters to give back to everyone’s expectations.Sauna Nightnet: Through the rapid increase in attention, there will be many different voices, will you pay attention to the alternative content deliberately?Does it affect you?Xiao Zhan: I will not pay attention to the content of attention, because I think everyone still looks forward and actively lives.But I will absorb and digest some pertinent suggestions and opinions.It’s impossible to say that no impact will happen at all, just sleep.In 2019 Xiao Zhan starred in the hit drama “Chen Qingling”.Sauna Nightnet: I feel that you have always maintained a sober attitude towards human relationships and cognition of life. Do you think there is a moment of “floating” in the “popular” period?Xiao Zhan: I think I was ignorant at first, and the pace of work and life suddenly became faster.It may have been in a different job before the reaction.To say that there is a real sense of floating, that is, all kinds of itineraries need to fly, float in the air (laughs).Sauna Night Net: In the intensive work rhythm, how can you improve your performance?Xiao Zhan: The recent work is really busy. All I can do is feel the life in the gap of work and observe the life bit by bit.Sometimes it takes a long time to vacate, so I will go to see movies, dramas, some books and the like.Sauna Night Net: Weibo profile has always been “Interesting Soul”. In your opinion, which is more important, “Interesting Soul” and “Good-looking”?why?Xiao Zhan: I do n’t think this is a multiple choice question.The outside and the inside together form a person, and one cannot cut off the other and see another person.”Interesting soul” is just as important as “a beautiful appearance”.The same question and answer: Sauna Night Network: Do you have a hair loss implant?If not, can you reveal the secret to maintaining the volume?Xiao Zhan: Are there any troubles among young people who do not have hair loss?(Laughs) I used to shoot a lot of costumes before, and I need to stick my hair. I really worry about my hairline.Sauna Night: How often do you go to social media to search for your name?Xiao Zhan: When your work comes out, you will search for your evaluation of the character.Sauna Night Net: There have been several water reversals in 2019. Please tell us in detail about the water reversal process you experienced.Xiao Zhan: I was only recently popularized by the popular science with the word “reverse water”, that is, everything is not going well.I seem to be okay in 2019, because I am the kind of person who solves problems and continues to move forward.So if you encounter something that is not going well, you will try to do something to solve it.Photo courtesy of the artist: Sauna Nightnet: Do you think you have a loved physique?Xiao Zhan: Everyone has the physique of being loved, and everyone deserves to be loved.Sauna Night: What is the most frequently purchased online?What is the specific frequency?Xiao Zhan: Contact lenses.Because of work needs, the frequency can not be remembered.Sauna Night Net: When was the last stay up late?Why stay up late?Xiao Zhan: The last time I stayed up late was the variety show recording, but everyone was very happy and I was very happy.Sauna Night: Share a thing you think is “too difficult” recently.Xiao Zhan: Time allocation, sometimes I feel that time is really not enough. It is really difficult to allocate time properly.Sauna Night Net: Are there any entertainers who want to “disc”?Xiao Zhan: Wow, that’s really too much, waiting for the predecessors to “disc” me (laughs).Sauna Night Net: Is there one thing in 2019 that for you is “we don’t know, we dare not ask”?Xiao Zhan: Um . I do n’t know, and I do n’t dare to ask.Sauna Night Net: Use three words to describe your 2019, and use three words to describe your expected 2020.Xiao Zhan: 2019: touching, thanking, gaining.2020: Go smoothly, move forward, and stabilize.Sauna Nightnet: Which of the two hot searches related to you impressed you?why?Xiao Zhan: # 肖战 花心 #, at first glance, I was shocked, and then it was the song of teacher Hua Jian.# 言 冰 云 Everything for Daqing #, everyone has a big brain, and I find it very interesting.Xiao Zhan played Bingyun in the TV series “Celebrating Years”.Sauna Night: Recently, social media has been dominated by “2017 → 2019”. If you choose, you will send some kind of comparison pictures or events.Xiao Zhan: It ‘s a commemorative photo of the 2017 and 2019 set.Sauna Nightnet: Are you satisfied with your current working status, are there high-intensity, high-pressure, high-stress, and persistent overwork situations?Xiao Zhan: Actually quite satisfied.Every stage has something for every stage, I think sometimes it just goes through.Sauna Night Net: What is the most common bad habit you want to change in 2020?Xiao Zhan: Procrastination, I think I still have some procrastination.Sauna Night Net: What moment was the most famous “famous scene” in the past year?Xiao Zhan: It should be the first issue of “Our Song”. When the elevator came down, I found that the predecessor who was singing with me was Mr. Na Ying.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Wu Dongni proofread by Zhao Lin artist

Last year, a loss of 11.4 billion sold a loss of 550,000, Li Bin and Wei Lai waiting for Godot

Last year, a loss of 11.4 billion sold a loss of 550,000, Li Bin and Wei Lai “waiting for Godot”
Under the intensified impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, Weilai Automobile handed over the 2019 transcript and predicted that it will be hit in the first quarter of this year.On the evening of March 18, Weilai Automobile announced the fourth quarter and long-term results of 2019. The financial report showed that the company’s revenue last year was 78.2.5 billion yuan, up from 49 in 2018.$ 5.1 billion increased by 58%; under US GAAP, net profit attributable to shareholders of common stock fell 114.1.3 billion yuan, compared with the net profit of 233 in 2018.2.8 billion decreased by 51.1%.  Weilai Automobile experienced a down and down in 2019. The company first encountered demand problems due to the renewal of new energy supplements and suddenly canceled the construction plan of Shanghai Jiading. The company later found that it was negotiating with Beijing Yizhuang National InvestmentThe financing agreement did not end.In addition, accidents such as the battery recall and Tesla’s domestic production have put pressure on Weilai Automobile. Weilai Automobile has to lay off employees in the second half of the year to cope with the company’s tight cash flow.  However, entering 2020, Weilai Automobile began to usher in a series of good news, in addition to the completion of a total of 4.In addition to the 3.5 billion US dollars of convertible bond financing, the company reached a preliminary cooperation agreement with the Hefei municipal government and will provide tens of billions of grades of funds to help Weilai China headquarters settle in Hefei.  Wei Lai founder Li Bin said on the earnings conference call that the company ‘s business in China will serve as an independent entity to attract RMB investors, “The Hefei government has granted NIO ‘s business in China support through RMB investment.It is not the financing of NIO listed company budget.He revealed that it is expected that the formal agreement will be signed before the end of April this year.  The gross profit margin of the automobile business is negative. The average sales of vehicles sold per year is 55.40,000 In 2019, Weilai Automobile delivered a total of 20,565 electric vehicles, surpassing the growth of 81.2%, but the company is still unable to reach 11.4 billion US dollars, which is equivalent to about 55 for every listed vehicle sold.40,000 yuan.  The reason is that the gross profit margin of Weilai Automobile is still negative, especially the gross profit margin of the auto business, which accounts for 94% of the total revenue, continues to be negative.The financial report shows that Weilai Automobile’s auto business gross profit margin was -9 last year.9%, compared with -1 in 2018.6% has increased, unless the impact of the battery recall event is excluded, this value is still -6.0%.As a whole, the gross profit margin of Weilai Automobile was -15 last year.3%, compared with -5 in 2018.2% has been significantly expanded to exclude the impact of the battery recall incident, and the gross profit margin of Weilai Automobile is -10.9%.  Since the company was in the early stages of establishment, Wei Lai’s sales and R & D expenses were very high. In 2019, Wei Lai’s sales and administrative expenses reached 54.$ 5.2 billion, an annual increase of 2.1%, higher than 44.R & D expenses of 28.6 billion.  However, entering the second half of 2019, Wei Lai Automobile’s expenditure on sales and R & D expenses was obviously controlled, and the company’s sales and administrative expenses decreased by 20 in the fourth quarter.5%, basically the company’s sales and administrative staff decreased (Wei Lai announced in September last year layoffs of 2,000 people), as well as lower marketing and promotional costs.Therefore, the reduction in R & D expenses eventually resulted in the decrease in R & D expenses after the delivery of ES6 began in June last year, resulting in a gradual decline in R & D expenses in the fourth quarter.3%.  In addition, although the delivery volume of Weilai Automobile has increased significantly, the growth momentum of delivery comes from the replacement of ES6, which has led to the company’s revenue growth rate exceeding the delivery volume growth rate.From the overall data, Weilai ES6 delivery volume was 11,433, and more than 9,132 ES8s became the company’s delivery volume growth point.  However, ES6 has a relatively obvious substitution effect on the sales of ES8. The delivery of ES6 began at the end of June last year, and the delivery volume exceeded 10,000 vehicles within six months; after the launch of ES6, the delivery volume of ES8 in the second half of the year was only 2003, compared with the first halfThe 7129 sedan is excellently reduced.  The first quarter results were significantly affected by the epidemic situation. Li Bin said that the daily average of new orders will return to the peak level in April due to the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. The domestic production and sales of new energy vehicles have declined significantly, and Weilai Automobile is no exception.Weilai Automobile’s expected performance index said that it expects the company to deliver between 3400 and 3600 vehicles in the first quarter of this year, a decrease of 56 from the previous month.2% to 58.7%; revenue range is 12.100 million to 12.7 trillion, this figure is far lower than the level of 24 forecast by the company.800 million yuan.  Li Bin found on the conference call that although the factory had resumed production on February 10, production in February and March was still affected by Hubei’s automotive supply chain, and it is expected that it will not return to normal levels until April.In addition, he has re-released the past 30 times that the blue car has received nearly 2,200 orders, and there are currently 5,000 orders waiting for delivery. It is expected that the average daily additional orders will return to the peak level last year in April.  Li Bin is still optimistic about the performance of this year. He predicts that the gross profit margin forecast of the auto business will turn positive in the second quarter of this year. By the fourth quarter of this year, the gross profit margin of the auto business will reach two figures.  The driving force of Weilai Automobile’s gross profit margin is the reduction of production costs.Weilai Automobile CFO Feng Wei said that the increase in factory gross profit mainly comes from the optimization of the supply chain, continuous cost reduction and production cost savings, these factors will gradually expand the expansion of production scale and management optimization performance.  Feng Wei found on the conference call that Weilai Automobile will have a 30% drop in manufacturing costs this year. Li Bin further stated that the production capacity of 4,000 vehicles per month in the Hefei plant is a relatively economic benefit point, and this yearIn the fourth quarter, the cost per watt-hour battery pack was reduced by about 20%.  The cash on the account is not enough to maintain the Hefei government financing agreement signed in the next year before the end of April. From the perspective of cash flow, the situation of Weilai Automobile is not optimistic. Until December 31, 2019, the company holds cash and cash equivalents., Total short-term investment and budget cash is 10.RMB 5.6 billion (1 in total).US $ 5.2 billion), a decrease of approximately 9 from the third quarter of last year.100 million yuan.Weilai Automobile weighed, and the cash balance was not enough to provide the working capital and working capital required for continued operation in the next 12 months.  However, since February this year, Weilai Automobile has completed several convertible bond financings with a total amount of 4.3.5 billion US dollars, and the company has recently reached a preliminary agreement with the Hefei City Government, is expected to receive tens of billions of financing.Li Bin did not disclose the specific details of the financing, only that Weilai’s business in China will serve as an independent entity to attract RMB investors.He said that the final agreement between the two parties is expected to be formally signed before the end of April. It is no surprise that Weilai’s headquarters in China is settled in Hefei. The production of ES6 and ES8 are all manufactured by JAC, but it is just the local enterprises in Hefei.In addition, Weilai Automobile and Jianghuai Automobile will also continue to cooperate in the production of the new model EC6, which means that the cooperation between the two parties will be further deepened.  EC6 will be the third model of Weilai Automobile, and it is also an important product that is highly expected from the outside to help Weilai get out of the predicament.The current EC6 budget has not been announced. Li Bin said that EC6 will compete with Tesla’s Model Y. The company will determine the final price based on market conditions, especially after Model Y is delivered.  However, in fact, Tesla has delivered Model Y to North America on March 15, which is six months ahead of the original delivery time.The current model Y starts at 3.At 90,000 US dollars, Tesla’s official website in China shows that the long-life version of Model Y is 48.80 thousand yuan.Considering that EC6 and ES6 share a large number of parts and components, and the cost of battery packs will be significantly reduced, Li Bin or alternative EC6 pricing is similar to ES6.  Sauna, Ye Wang Lu Yifu editor Sun Yong proofreading Wang Xin

[Carrot tofu recipe recipe]_Homemade recipe for carrot tofu recipe_Carrot tofu recipe recipe_How to make carrot tofu recipe

浣犲甫鎴戜滑鍘婚キ棣嗗悆楗紝鐪嬪埌缇庡懗浣宠偞锛屼笂妗岀殑鏃跺€欓兘蹇祦鍙f按浜嗭紝杩欎簺缇庡懗浣宠偞鎴戜滑涔熸槸鍙互灏濊瘯鑷繁鏉ュ仛鐨勶紝灏忕紪鐜板湪缁欏ぇ瀹朵粙缁嶈儭钀濆崪璞嗚厫棣呴ゼ锛岃嚜宸辩湅瀹岃嚜宸卞幓鍘ㄦ埧鍋氫竴涓嬨€?.12鑲夐鏀惧叆鐩愩€佺硸銆佽泲娓呫€佸皯閲忔按锛屽線涓€涓柟鍚戞悈鎵撹嚦涓婂姴锛屽啀娆℃斁灏戦噺鐨勬按锛屾悈鎵擄紝鐩村埌鑲夐鍛堟瘮杈冪█鐨勭姸鎬侊紝鏀惧叆涓€澶у寵娌癸紝鎼呮媽鍧囧寑锛岃厡鍒跺崐灏夔 殂 宸 ﹀ 彸 2.21璞嗚厫寮€姘寸儷杩囷紝鐢ㄦ墜鎹忔垚娉ャ€佽儭钀濆崪鎿︿笣銆侀粦鏈ㄨ€虫场鍙戞礂鍑€鍒囩锛屽皢涓婅Can’t help but be afraid of instinct 3.1 Haoqiankuiqi Suijikunsuo Xinwei ╂ by Xiashen Yaoweiqunlin Feidankuiqie  Ren Kin у Kunhaoqilu Benhannuanjin Zhuanshanjuancong Huiqianchameng Benwujiaochan у He Sik堥€傜殑鍓傚瓙4。2灏嗘潗鏂欐悈鎷屽潎鍖€锛屽姞閫傞噺鐩愩€佸懗绮俱€侀夯娌硅皟鑷冲悎閫傝嚜宸辩殑鍙e懗5。鎿€鎴愰ズ瀛愮毊鐘?.It’s very scary, and it’s very scary. 7.鍍忓寘鍖呭瓙涓€鏍锋敹鍙?.嬫 倉 厸 勎 厎 交 湤 幤 咤 嬤 嬫 厸 勋 厎 9.How about checking and checking? Do you want to check it? Do you want to do it? Do you want to do it? Do you want to do it? Do you want to do it?0.What’s the matter? I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m not married, I’m married, I’m sorry, I’m so happy, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, what’s up?1.What’s the difference? Qiao Chong, Qi Qiao, stunned, yin, qi, qi, qi, qi, qi?2.棣欏柗鍠风殑棣呴ゼ灏卞仛濂戒簡铏界劧鑳¤悵鍗滆眴鑵愰楗艰繖閬撹彍鍋氳捣鏉ュ緢绠€鍗曪紝浣嗘槸浠庢湭鍋氳彍鐨勪綘濡傛灉鐪嬩笉鎳傦紝涓嶅Θ璇锋暀涓嬭嚜宸辩殑闀胯緢锛岃€屽湪闀胯緢鐨勬寚瀵间笅锛屼綘蹇呯劧鑳藉瀹屾垚寰楁洿濂姐€?

[Can I drink green tea to lose weight]_ green tea _ slimming _ efficacy

[Can I drink green tea to lose weight]_ green tea _ slimming _ efficacy

Green tea is a kind of tea that has not been fermented. It contains a lot of nutrients, such as tea polyphenols, catechins, caffeine, amino acids, vitamins, etc. Many people in life like to drink green tea, can it lose weight?

First, the aromatic compounds contained in green tea are a lot of green tea, and its function is to dissolve trace amounts and to remove turbidity and greasiness.

Green tea also contains vitamins B1, C and caffeine, which help the body’s digestive system digest food.

Another type of catechin peculiar to green tea is antioxidant, which has an important role in promoting the metabolism of the human body in the new town.

Second, how does green tea lose weight? Green tea has the effect of weight loss and weight loss. It has a good fat-reducing effect. The aunt in the human body can be dissolved by the aromatic compounds contained in green tea. Therefore, it can effectively prevent the accumulation of excessive small amounts in the body andOther garbage.

Green tea is rich in anti-oxidants, so the metabolism of the human body is greatly accelerated, and free radicals are removed in a timely manner.

The substances in green tea can also activate proteins, and various tiny cells in the body can no longer accumulate in large quantities, which has the effect of losing weight.

Third, the weight loss of green tea powder is matched with women’s green tea supplements. Some other things can be added for reconciliation, such as apple juice, yogurt, etc. In this way, it has the effect of weight loss and weight loss, and can also make women’s body curves more beautiful.Women with abnormal defecation can also play a certain auxiliary role to help smooth defecation.

[Can a baby cough eat grapes]_ Pediatric cough _ Can I eat

[Can a baby cough eat grapes]_ Pediatric cough _ Can I eat

Colds, fevers, and coughs are a problem that many babies will have. When facing a child’s illness, parents generally like to choose some foods to alleviate this situation, especially when the baby has a cough, you can choose some foods to relieve cough, such asSnow pears, oranges, and grapes are also common fruits, so can babies eat grapes when they cough.

Children can eat grapes for cough. Cough is a protective reflex action of the body to clear secretions or foreign bodies inside the respiratory tract.

Despite its advantages, long-term, long-term cough can cause respiratory tract bleeding.

There are many causes of cough, irritating cough, cough caused by complications, blood test routine is required, a chest radiograph to see if there is congestion in the throat, if it is caused, you need to actively use antibiotics to control the infection, grapes can supplementVitamins have the effect of resolving phlegm and cough, which is good for cough and can be eaten.

1[Light diet, avoid cold and greasy]The coughing baby’s diet is based on a list, eat more fresh vegetables, and eat a small amount of lean meat or poultry eggs.

Must not be greasy, fishy, and fruit are indispensable, but the amount does not have to be too much, don’t eat oranges for wind-heat cough.

Fasting sour foods has the effect of astringent sputum, which is not good for phlegm.

Child cough diet taboo 2[Keep indoor air fresh]Regularly open windows and ventilate at home, but also keep the room moderate, which helps the mucosa of the respiratory tract to stay moist and the cilia on the surface of the mucosa to help expel sputum.

3[Cold-resistant training, strengthen your body]From the beginning of autumn, wash your face with cold water, wipe the bath, or let the skin make close contact with the fresh air on a regular basis.

The training methods are different, and the key is persistence.

But we must pay attention to a degree, the cold wave is not blindly “freeze”, so as not to exercise but instead get cold.

How to do cold-resistant training 4[mainly expectorant, use medication with caution]children’s respiratory system is not fully developed, can not cough up sputum effectively like adults, it is easy to retain sputum, if the cough is given antitussive treatment, cough is onlyStaying, but after the cough is suppressed, the sputum is more difficult to discharge, which will cause the respiratory tract, which not only makes the cough worse, but also easily causes lung infection.

Therefore, early cough in children should be treated with expectorant.

What should I do if my baby has phlegm and cough?

Differentiate the type of cough, and use the therapeutic side.

[Efficacy of scrambled eggs with leek]_Benefit_Efficacy

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[Cold Houttuynia cordata]_Cold Houttuynia cordata_Methods Daquan_Production method

[Cold Houttuynia cordata]_Cold Houttuynia cordata_Methods Daquan_Production method

Houttuynia cordata leaves have a unique taste. Some people may not like or even hate this taste, but many people are deeply attracted by this taste. The most popular way to eat Houttuynia cordata is cold dressing, so I will introduce it to you today.The practice of cold Houttuynia leaves.

1. Ingredients of cold Houttuynia cordata ingredients: 250g of Houttuynia cordata, 4g of salt, 2g of chicken essence, 6g of vinegar, 10g of chili oil, 5g of sesame oil. Method: 1. Remove the old leaves and roots of Houttuynia cordata;, Add Houttuynia cordata leaves with water to the above salt bubbles, wash and filter the moisture; 3, add salt, chicken essence, chili oil, vinegar, sesame oil and stir well.

Efficacy: Houttuynia cordata has heat-clearing and detoxifying effects, removing phlegm, purging and eliminating diarrhea, diuretic, swelling and leaching, and other health effects. Houttuynia cordata treats lung abscesses, pneumonia, acute and chronic tracheitis, urinary tract infections; clearing heat and detoxifying; removing pus.利; diuretic and phlegm, conditioning a variety of bacteria, virus infections, such as wind and cold, herpes, urinary system infections, etc., must be eaten raw, cold mix can be.

Second, the practice of cold Houttuynia leaves 1.

Houttuynia cordata leaves to remove root pedicles and hairs, add water to soak the mud 2.

Wash and drain water 3.

Add salt, ginger, garlic, soy sauce and chili peppers and mix well 4.

Add some sesame oil at the end to make cooking techniques. 1. Don’t put sugar in Houttuynia, just use salt and simple condiments.

2. Oil chili can increase or decrease as you like, you can keep it if you don’t like spicy.

Third, cold Houttuynia raw materials: Main ingredients: Houttuynia auxiliary materials: Chicken seasoning: salt, vinegar, chicken essence, chili oil, soy sauce, pepper oil Practice: 1. Wash the Houttuynia cordata with water and remove the old roots, Leaves, leaving the tender white roots and leaves, and then fold it by hand to grow a short and appropriate segment.

2. Press the garlic into garlic, and use a microwave oven to make chili oil.

3. Soak Houttuynia cordata in cold water for 5 minutes (for people who do n’t like the fishy smell of Houttuynia cordata, soak it for more time), remove and drain.

4. Put Houttuynia cordata in a large pot, drizzle with chili oil and garlic, add all the spices and mix well.

Escaping bank stocks: 600 shares of auction information have been surging in the year

Escaping bank stocks: 600 shares of auction information have been surging in the year
For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!  Original title: Escape from bank shares. Bank equity distribution is turbulent. Source: 21st Century Business Herald.Most corporate shareholders want to clear the bank equity held in their hands, just because they sold out and bought them, and a large number of projects were delayed for listing.From the nature of listed banks, city commercial banks and rural commercial banks have become mainstream.Regarding the lack of interest in bank equity, some analysts believe that the downward pressure on the real economy in the past two years, coupled with the poor management of some small and medium-sized banks, lower yields, and some banks’ heavy burdens are important reasons.  The extension is still unanswered. According to the latest information from the official website of the Shanghai United Property Exchange, Qinghai Bank has 50 million shares (accounting for 2 of the total share capital.05%) is being listed for transfer, the transfer price is about 1.US $ 8.3 billion, the transferor is Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical, and the listed price is expected to be a minimum of 3.66 yuan.The project disclosure deadline is February 24, which has been postponed.  In addition to Qinghai Bank, the shares of Zheshang Bank are still waiting for new buyers.Traveler Motors Group is transferring its Zhejiang Commercial Bank13.4.7 billion shares with a transfer reserve price of 68.6.9 billion yuan, discounted by contract 5.1 yuan / share.The project was hung out on the eve of Zheshang Bank’s return to A listing.However, this price ranks the overall secondary market of Zheshang Bank.The closing price of 29 yuan, the premium amount reached 18.9%.  According to the disclosure of the project, the transferee is required to make a one-time payment.At the same time, according to the practice, as the advance transfer involves a change in the major shareholders of a commercial bank, the transfer puts forward a number of requirements for the qualification of the transferee.For example, the intended transferee becomes a shareholder or a shareholder that controls more than 5% of the shares or voting rights of a commercial bank, or holds less than 5% of the capital portfolio or share consolidation, but has a significant impact on the operation and management of the commercial bank.: Laws and regulations, regulatory requirements and articles of association, and explain the purpose of investing in a commercial bank; intentional transferees and affiliates, parties acting in concert as major shareholders must not exceed two, or the number of commercial banks holding commercial banksThe number must not exceed 1 (except for investment entities authorized by the State Council to hold equity in commercial banks, banking financial institutions, entities that are otherwise required by laws and regulations to invest in commercial banks, and investors with the approval of the CBRC to reorganize high-risk commercial banks)The intended transferee shall not transfer the shares held within five years from the date of obtaining the shares.  According to public information, Traveler Auto Group is a large-scale automobile integrated operator, and has participated in the shares of Zheshang Bank as the founding shareholder so far.Currently, the Traveler Motors Group is the second largest shareholder in circulation of Zheshang Bank.  In addition, commercial banks that are currently listed for transfer of equity include Kunlun Bank, Guangfa Bank, Yingkou Bank, etc.In fact, from a carding point of view, in recent years, the current concentration of equity transfer in commercial banks has been concentrated.  Dong Ximiao, a special judge of the National Finance and Development Laboratory, believes that the transfer of equity in commercial banks is a normal market behavior and has always been there, but in the past there was less public listing information and less attention.It is indeed increasing earlier. Many small and medium-sized banks have been involved in the allocation of new equity through the appointment of new shareholders, restructuring, etc .; the regulatory system has gradually improved the equity management of commercial banks, and many companies have failed to meet the requirements to withdraw, and a large number of transfers have occurred.”The reorganization of small and medium-sized banks in the next few years will definitely extend the merger more, and equity transfer will become the norm.”He says.  In the year, there were nearly 600 auction information. In addition to the equity trading center, Taobao is also one of the “landmarks” of bank equity auctions.As of February 19, on Taobao judicial auctions, as of now, there have been 564 pieces of information about bank equity auctions this year. On February 19, there were more than 60 pieces of bank equity auction information.Both were from Dandong Bank. Among them, Zhongan Jinyuan Hotel will auction 20.5 million shares of Dandong Bank at a reserve price of 1.At 27 trillion U.S. dollars, the Dalian Bonded Zone Longxiang Petrochemical Co., Ltd. held an auction of 2020 million Dandong Bank shares at a reduced price, with a reserve price of 1.2.5 billion.  In an interview with a reporter from the 21st Century Business Herald, a person in charge of a western stock company said that the reason why bank equity is small is mainly because the economy in some areas is underdeveloped, and local banks have more bad debts and more burden.”Some of our economy here is mainly sustainable resources, and the price of resource goods has become an important symbol of any corporate profit.At present, the prices of some resource products are still sluggish. Of course, the life of resource companies is not good. Some of these companies’ loans have become bad for banks.And banks’ estimates are generally based on net assets, but many of the more qualified and more transparent listed banks have fallen below their net assets, so it is really difficult to attract investors based on their net asset estimates.”It is reported that a western rural commercial bank has been listed for nearly three years and 杭州桑拿网 has not been closed.The well-known economist Song Qinghui is even more blunt. Bank equity is not inferior to other companies, and those poorly managed banks may have low stock prices and difficult to sell.

Kailaiying (002821): Clinical stage projects drive rapid growth in company performance. Project reserves + capacity launch will drive continued performance.

Kailaiying (002821): Clinical stage projects drive rapid growth in company performance. Project reserves + capacity launch will drive continued performance.

The company released the 2019 Interim Report on the evening of August 2nd: the first half of the year realized sales revenue10.

9.3 billion, an increase of 44 per year.

27%, net profit attributable to mother 2.

29 ppm, an increase of 46 in ten years.

37%, net of non-attributed net profit2.

20,000 yuan, an increase of 42 in ten years.


Realized revenue in the second quarter6.

170,000 yuan, an increase of 56 in ten years.

50%, net profit attributable to mother 1.

370,000 yuan, an increase of 47 in ten years.

31%, net of non-attributed net profit1.

22 ppm, an increase of 37 in ten years.


At the same time, the company foresees net profit for the first three quarters of 20193.

52 ppm-3.

78 ppm, an increase of 35% -45% per year.

That is, the third quarter of 2019 is expected to achieve 18% -43% profit growth.

The company’s performance in the first half of 2019 increased significantly, slightly higher than the median of long-term performance forecast, in line with our expectations.

The company’s performance in the first three quarters is very good, and its clinical stage project reserves increase, and the company’s production capacity increases rapidly. It is expected that the company’s performance will achieve high growth this year, and it will continue to develop rapidly and sustainably in the future.

The significant increase in clinical stage projects has led to rapid growth in performance, contributing to the current performance while also making a reserve for the continued release of future performance.

The company’s revenue increased sharply by 44% in the first half of the year, especially in the second quarter when the revenue growth reached 56.


In the first half of the company’s commercialization phase, the clinical phase and technology development services achieved revenue6.

7.2 billion, 3.

54 ppm and 0.

68 ppm, with annual growth rates of 33%, 75%, and 32%. The growth of clinical phase projects has accelerated the company’s performance.

In terms of the number of projects, the number of commercialization projects in the first half of the year was the same as the same period of last year. The number of clinical projects increased from 61 to 117, and the number of technology development service projects increased from 108 to 177.

In the future, the gradual advancement of product development corresponding to technology development services and clinical phase projects will continue to become the company’s late-stage clinical and commercialization phase projects. The value of replacement projects will continue to increase, driving the company’s performance growth.

The company further increased the construction of new production capacity and new technology platform, laying a solid foundation for undertaking the conversion of subsequent clinical projects to commercialization projects and extending to downstream preparations. At the same time, it began to build a biopharmaceutical CDMO platform to further expand its business area.

The company’s fixed assets are up from 9 at the end of last year.

RMB 070,000 increased to RMB 9 in the first half of the year.

7.5 billion, construction in progress from 3.

The amount of RMB 0.7 million increased to 4.

10,000 yuan, continue to invest heavily in the construction of new production capacity and new technology platforms.

The company’s non-public offering of shares issued in July, the issued shares do not exceed 10% of the company’s total share capital before the issue, raising no more than 2.3 billion US dollars in research and development and production base construction.

From the perspective of the company’s fixed asset construction, in addition to expanding the types and production capacity of chemical intermediates and APIs in the future, it will also focus on the formulation business with higher barriers, smaller revenue and profit volume, and willThe business area is expanded 西安耍耍网 to CDMO of biopharmaceuticals.

We believe that the company can take on commercial projects transformed from clinical projects after expanding production capacity based on its huge clinical stage project reserves, and its performance can be released quickly.Based on the existing strong APIs and cGMP intermediates, the company extends to downstream preparations and is expected to make a breakthrough soon.

The company is in the stage of rapid development. The constant increase in fixed asset investment in the current period will bring rapid returns in a short period of time in the future.

In addition, the threshold for the biopharmaceutical market is higher, and investment and continuous returns are reduced. The company’s newly-developed biopharmaceutical CDMO business is also expected to become the company’s new pillar business in the long run.

The company’s net profit margin increased by 2 over the same period last year.

48%, the main reason for the change is that the financial expenses brought by exchange gains have been fully reduced, and the reduction of the total R & D expenses has reduced the expenses.

The company’s net profit for the first half of this year was 20.

98%, compared with 18 in the same period last year.

50% increase by 2.


The gross profit margin was 44.

23%, compared to 46 in the same period last year.

01% down 1.

78%; selling expenses 3.

43%, compared with 3 in the same period last year.

68% down 0.

25%; administrative expenses 11.

24%, compared with 10 in the same period last year.

94% increase to 0.

50%; R & D expenses 7.

17%, compared to 7.

22% down 0.

05%; financial expenses expenses-0.

15%, compared to 2.

67% down 2.

82%, basically a significant increase in foreign exchange gains; total impairment losses on assets and credit losses increased compared to the same period of the previous year, reducing the net interest rate1.


In addition, in the first half of this year, the company’s investment income in “foreign exchange settlement products in RMB and USD” increased, government subsidies decreased compared to the same period last year, and the overall net interest rate to the company was zero compared with the same period last year.

Positive contribution of about 5%. Expenditure has decreased compared to last year. Initially, R & D expenses are added and replaced, which has a positive contribution of about 2% to the net profit margin.

Earnings forecast: We expect the company’s net profit attributable to its mothers to be 5 in 2019-2021.

84 billion, 7.

6.2 billion and 10.

1.3 billion, an increase of 36%, 30% and 33% each year, and the EPS for 2019-2021 will be 2 respectively.

53 yuan, 3.

30 yuan and 4.

39 yuan.

The current company’s corresponding 19, 20, and 21 PE estimates are 38, 29, and 22 times, respectively.

Maintain the company’s “Highly Recommended” investment rating.

Risk warning: orders fall short of expectations; new business expansion falls short of expectations; exchange rate changes cause exchange gains and losses; intensified international trade disputes