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Gobert was diagnosed by himself, and many NBA teams will be tested for new crown virus

Gobert was diagnosed by himself, and many NBA teams will be tested for new crown virus
Jazz player Gobert confirmed infection with new crown pneumonia.Figure / Sports A few hours ago, the NBA league was still discussing with the executives of each team whether it was necessary to empty the game. A few hours later, because the jazz player Gobert confirmed that he was infected with new crown pneumonia, the NBA must make a temporary decision.Suspend all NBA games this season.”All games after today will be suspended and will be notified again when they resume.”The league will use this temporary period to determine the next direction of the NBA in response to the pandemic of the new crown epidemic.”NBA official ranking in the announcement.It is understood that Gobel, who was confirmed to be infected with new crown pneumonia, appeared again at the Thunder home today, but the American media found a detail. After confirming the suspension of the Thunder and Jazz game, Paul asked the Jazz bench for Gobel ‘s situation. As a result, the Jazz playersShouting to leave Paul.For safety reasons, the players of the Thunder and Jazz teams are still in the arena and are being tested for the new crown virus.According to US media reports, due to the extension of the NBA game, in addition to the Jazz team and today’s opponent Thunder, the team that has recently played against the Jazz will be tested for new coronavirus.In the past two weeks, in addition to today’s Thunder, the Jazz have played against the Wizards, Cavaliers, Knicks, Celtics, Pistons, Raptors and other teams. It has been confirmed that Gobert, who is infected with new crown pneumonia, has played and played more than 30 minutes.Because it is temporarily impossible to know the time and source of Gobel’s infection, this may trigger a chain reaction in the NBA.After knowing the news of Gobert’s diagnosis and the season’s lockout, a large number of team coaches expressed their staring and also agreed with the league’s decision.The players are very respectful.This is a very serious moment, I think the decision of the league is very appropriate.”Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Bangyin editor Han Shuangming proofread He Yan

[How to make low-heat super-soft honey toast]_Home-made method of low-heat super-soft honey toast_How to make low-heat super-soft honey toast

[How to make low-heat super-soft honey toast]_Home-made method of low-heat super-soft honey toast_How to make low-heat super-soft honey toast

The fast-paced life has gradually affected people. In order to pursue an efficient life, people often sacrifice quality, even for meals.

The recipe of low-heat super-soft honey toast is simple, so that you can enjoy the beauty brought by simplicity in a fast-growing city.

1. Prepare the materials; 2. Put all the dough materials except the dough into the bread machine bucket; 3. Start the bread machine and dough program 33 minutes and add the paste; 4. Start the bread machine program 33 minutes again and knead the doughTo the full expansion stage; 5. Cover the bread drum with plastic wrap to make the dough reach 2 to 2.

5 times the size; 6. Take out the dough and divide it into three equal parts. Knead the round cover and loosen the cling film for 15 to 20 minutes. 7. After the replacement is completed, take a small dough and roll it into an oval shape.Fresh-keeping film, relax for 15-20 minutes; 8. After shortening, take a small tube and roll it into an array again. After turning over, thin one side, roll it from bottom to top and roll it into a toast mold; 9,Put it in a warm and humid place until the mold is full at 8 and 9 minutes. 10. After the second fermentation is finished, put it in the preheated 175 degree oven and heat it up and down for 40 minutes. 11. The finished product is shown in Figure 12. The soft heart is softened.…… This is how to make a low-calorie and super-soft honey toast. You have n’t learned it. You do n’t need to put too much on the condiment. You just need to preserve the taste of the food itself. This is excellent.

[Can chestnuts be eaten raw]_Recommended diet

[Can chestnuts be eaten raw]_Recommended diet

  Chestnuts are a kind of nut food that his family often eats in daily life. We all eat chestnuts after they are cooked, but there are various ways to eat chestnuts.

Different methods and examples will bring you different delicious feelings. Chestnuts can also be eaten raw directly, and eating chestnuts raw will also bring great benefits to the human body.

  The benefits of eating chestnuts on the human body are very numerous. Many male friends are often prone to symptoms of waist and leg weakness. Properly eating some chestnuts properly can achieve a good effect of strengthening muscles and bones.

Chestnut is warm.

For male friends, the physical conditioning effect is very good. Many male friends often suffer from waist and knee weakness due to kidney deficiency problems. Eating some chestnuts properly can quickly adjust the condition.

  Another thing is that eating some chestnuts properly can achieve a good health effect on the spleen and stomach, and also help to improve the symptoms of spleen deficiency. You can directly put the dried chestnuts in the mouth and chew them, so that you can eat the chestnuts.The effect is maximized.

At the same time, chestnut also noticed that it is very rich in supplementary fiber, which has a very good effect on improving its own diabetes problems, but everyone must pay attention not to consume too much chestnut at one time, otherwise it may lead to self-obesity due to excessive repetitionSymptoms.

  Eating some chestnuts properly can also help to improve a series of problems such as high blood pressure and coronary heart disease, and it can also reduce the chance of arteriosclerosis.

Chestnut suffers from very rich nutrients and vitamins, and it is also very effective in improving the mouth ulcer problem caused by the symptoms of fire among many friends of patients.

[How to make noodles with beer mushroom sauce]_Home-made methods of noodles with beer mushroom sauce_How to make noodles with beer mushroom sauce_How to make noodles with beer mushroom sauce

[How to make noodles with beer mushroom sauce]_Home-made methods of noodles with beer mushroom sauce_How to make noodles with beer mushroom sauce_How to make noodles with beer mushroom sauce

People are iron rice and steel, and they are too hungry for a meal, which makes sense.

But in today’s society, to verify this sentence, we have to start from the perspective of healthy eating.

What is a healthy diet?

Then you have to do it yourself.

Now, please follow along with me to learn how to make noodles with beer and mushroom sauce.


Dry mayonnaise with beer.


Slowly turn into a thin sauce.


Wash the shiitake mushrooms, mince, and crush the peanuts into coarse grains.


Put oil in the pan and fry the minced meat.


Pour the remaining beer and stir well.


Add mushrooms and stir fry.


Add the prepared sauce and stir-fry the sauce.


Sprinkle peanuts when you are out of the pan.


Add water to the soup pot, boil, add noodles to cook, and remove the cold water.


Add noodles to the bowl and serve with cucumber sherbet and shiitake sauce.

Beer and mushroom sauce noodles are not complicated to make. I believe that if you read the above carefully, I believe you should gain something.

Of course, if you want to taste your craft, please try it.

[How to make sweet potatoes]_How to fry_Fried

[How to make sweet potatoes]_How to fry_Fried

Sweet potato, a seemingly traditional ingredient, is a very good choice in modern kitchens, because sweet potatoes are very delicious and sweet.

And the use of sweet potatoes for delicious cooking is quite popular.

For example, sweet potato sticks are a very good practice, and only need a few key steps to make it.

Let ‘s take a look at how the sweet potatoes are delicious.

Sweet potatoes are also called sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes, red moss, and sweet potatoes.

This season is the sweet potato harvest season, and almost every stall selling vegetables is selling sweet potatoes.

I have always loved sweet potatoes, steamed, grilled, dried and eaten porridge.

Practice one: 1.

Sweet potatoes are more delicious.


Peel and slice to wash the surface starch, add 1 tablespoon of sugar, stir, and let stand for ten minutes.


Mix flour and starch, beat in an egg, add a half a spoonful of sugar, and salt.


Add water and stir into a slightly thicker batter, as long as it can catch sweet potatoes.


Pick up sweet potato strips with chopsticks and dip in the batter.


Add the oil pan that has been heated to 60%, medium and low heat, do not rush to turn over, wait for the shape to turn over to avoid shelling.


The surface is golden and swollen, which means it is ripe.

You can remove the filter oil.

It’s best to eat while it’s hot.

Practice 2: 1.

Sweet potatoes are peeled, washed, cut into thick strips, put into a container, add sugar and mix well.


Leave the sweet potato strips to rest for 10 minutes to fully melt the sugar, then dip the sweet potato powder and sprinkle with similar water at the same time.


Cover step 5 with a layer of sweet potato powder evenly.


Sweet potato sticks are fried in hot oil at 175 ° C on medium heat for about 2 minutes, then turned to low heat and fried for about 7 minutes.


After the sweet potatoes rise and fry on the high fire for about 1 minute, remove the drain oil and sprinkle the pepper and salt while it is hot.

Practice three: 1.

Prepare a large red sweet potato. The sweet potato fried with red heart tastes sweet. Peel and wash the sweet potato to remove the water. 2.

2. Cut the sweet potatoes into strips with a thickness of little fingers. You can also cut the sweet potatoes into small dices or small pieces. You can cut whatever you like, but don’t cut it too big; 3.

Add oil to the pot, you can add a little more. When the oil smokes, it is about 80% hot. Pour in french fries. 4.

4. After the sweet potato fries float up, turn off the fire and fry slowly. During the frying process, use the chopsticks to slowly stir the sweet potato fries to allow them to be heated evenly.
Once the fries are golden brown, you can serve them on a pan.

A delicious French fries is ready, you can eat it as a snack, or you can dip it in tomato sauce or fruit juice according to your taste.

[Effect of eating raw loach]_Benefits_Benefits

[Effect of eating raw loach]_Benefits_Benefits

In fact, loach tastes very good, and the dietary nutrients will become better after cooking. Loach itself has a very high nutritional value and medicinal substances, so it is also used as a traditional Chinese medicine.Then after ingestion, people will feel that their body has increased vitamins and proteins, which must be absorbed in daily life.

Loach is delicious, nutritious, contains high and trace protein, and can reduce fat and blood pressure. It is a delicious dish and a popular food.
Delicious and nutritious, easy to get and cheap.

The edible part of loach accounts for about 80% of the whole fish body, which is higher than that of general freshwater fish.

It was determined that protein contained in every 100 grams of loach meat.

6 grams, aunt 2.

9 grams of carbon dioxide 2.

5 grams, ash 1.

6 grams, calcium 51 mg, phosphorus 154 mg, iron 3 mg, thioflavin 0.

08 mg, riboflavin 0.

16 mg, 5 mg of nicotinic acid, and multiple vitamins, including 70 mg of vitamin A, 30 mg of vitamin B1, and 440 mg of vitamin B2. They also contain higher unsaturated fatty acids.

[2]Loach contains fat, cholesterol, high protein and low food, and an unsaturated fatty acid similar to basic pentenoic acid, which is good for anti-vascular aging and good for the elderly and cardiovascular diseases.

Loach and tofu are cooked at the same time, which has good tonic and dietetic functions. Application to quench thirst: loach and fresh lotus leaves cook soup.

Applicable to the general population intake, especially beneficial to physical weakness, spleen and stomach depletion, malnutrition, consumption of children with debilitating night sweats, causing growth and development; at the same time suitable for elderly and patients with cardiovascular disease, cancer patients and radiotherapy and chemotherapy, acute and chronic hepatitisIt is suitable for people with jaundice, especially for acute jaundice hepatitis, which can promote the reduction of flavones and transaminase; at the same time, it is suitable for people with impotence, hemorrhoids, and itching of skin scabies.

The medicinal value is sweet and sweet; the sex is equal to the spleen; the liver; the kidney function functions to replenish the spleen and kidney;

Main spleen deficiency and diarrhea; fever, thirst; thirst; edema of children’s night sweats; unfavorable urination; irritability; viral hepatitis; hemorrhoids; scabies; itchy skin.

Dosage Oral: Cooked, 100?
250g; or storability, pill, powder, 6?

Topical use: appropriate amount, storability, application at the end of the research, or raw product tamping.

The edible effect has the functions of tonifying qi, dehumidifying and yellowing, nourishing kidney and helping yang, removing dampness and reducing diarrhea, warming the spleen and stomach, treating hemorrhoids, and stopping asthma.

Loach contains a variety of nutritional ingredients, including protein, sugar, minerals (calcium, phosphorus, iron) and vitamins (VB, VA, VC) are higher than ordinary fish and shrimp.Unsaturated aunt, cool sex, eat best in summer.

Limin Shares (002734): Create a Comprehensive Pesticide Enterprise with Weiyuan

Limin Shares (002734): Create a Comprehensive Pesticide Enterprise with Weiyuan

Protective fungicides are irreplaceable in resistance management.

In 2017, global fungicides reached billions of dollars, and even new high-efficiency fungicides were continuously developed, but they still could not solve the problem of resistance. Traditional protective fungicides such as Daisen and chlorothalonil were unique in their resistance management.Advantages, as well as the advantages of a wide range of applications and mature production processes, these old varieties still play an irreplaceable role. At the same time, due to the increase in environmental protection approvals, new entrants are replaced, the supply and demand layout is improved, and the future market space is expected to stabilize.There are liters.

  The company’s main products have a high market share and obvious competitive advantages.

The company’s main product capacity and market share are at the forefront of domestic 深圳桑拿网 production. Among them, mancozeb, carbamide, toluidine, and aluminum triethoxylate have the largest scale, chlorothalonil has the largest global production capacity, and strong product pricing capabilities.In addition, the company has strong competition in the same product quality and average gross profit margins. At the same time, the company has established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with domestic and foreign high-quality pesticide companies such as DuPont, Syngenta, and Nuopuxin, which is the basis for the company’s stable business growth.

  Work with Weiyuan to build a comprehensive pesticide company.

The company’s proposed joint Xinrong investment, Xinwei Investment purchased 100% equity of Weiyuan Asset Group held by Xinao Shares in the form of cash payment, of which Limin’s equity was transferred.

Weiyuan 无锡桑拿网 owns superior products such as abamectin and metavidin in the field of insecticides, glufosinate in continuous gas phase process in the field of herbicides, and tiamulin and ivermectin in the field of veterinary drugs.It can improve the company’s product gaps. At the same time, Weiyuan has perfect sales channels and industry reputation. After the merger, it can achieve channel sharing, diversion and improve the company’s comprehensive competitiveness.

  Earnings forecast and investment grade: Regarding Weiyuan’s consolidation for the time being, we expect the company to be in 2018?
Net profit attributable to mothers in 2020 is 1.



29 trillion, an increase of 42 each year.

6%, 35.

1%, the corresponding EPS is 0.



16 yuan.

The injection of the Weiyuan asset group will greatly complement and improve the company’s product structure, and improve its technical level and sales channels. We believe that the company’s total market value and estimates are underestimated, and we are optimistic about the company’s continued growth under the strong-strong combination model.The company is given a target price of 19 yuan, covering for the first time, and given a “buy” rating.

  Risk Warning: The construction progress of the new project is less than expected, Weiyuan’s performance release is less than expected, the price of raw materials changes, the risk of safe production, and the risk of exchange rate changes.

China Merchants Bank (600036): Moat width determines ROE height

China Merchants Bank (600036): Moat width determines ROE height

China Merchants Bank realized operating income of 2.486 trillion yuan in 2018, a year-on-year increase of 12.

5%; net profit attributable to mothers was 80.6 billion, a year-on-year increase of 14.

8%; the bad rate dropped by 25bp to 1.

36%, ROE increased by 0.

03 pieces to 16.


The retail advantage continues.

1) Credit card market share hits record high.

In 2018, China Merchants Bank’s credit card circulation reached 84.3 million, an annual growth of 35%, and its market share continued to increase by 1 compared with the beginning of the year.

7 excellent to 12.

3%; debit cards are generally stable.

2) There is no loss of private banks.

The acceleration of private bank growth is a common problem in the industry. What CMB is doing is to capture basic customers and rely on customer promotion to achieve the growth of high-end customers. In 2018, the growth performance of CMB customers was retail customers> sunflower customers> private banksCustomers, this is a good start; 3) App users and monthly activity continue to grow rapidly.

In 2018, China Merchants Bank’s two major App users and monthly activity reached 1.

4.8 billion and 81 million, an increase of 43% and 47% each year. Palm Life and China Merchants Bank App ranked 5th and 6th in the monthly ranking of banking apps, respectively.

What are the highlights of the annual report?

1) Interest 南京夜网论坛 spread: 4Q18 single quarter net interest margin 2.

66%, an increase of 12 basis points before the third quarter of 2018.

The loan yield increased by 10bp, mainly due to the increase in credit card loan issuance; the cost of deposits remained stable, and the proportion of corporate demand deposits increased by 5 percentage points; 2) Intermediate income: 2018 fee income increased by 3.

8%, it is not easy under the background of the industry’s general negative growth, except that financial management income has declined due to the influence of policies37.

5%, other wealth management, bank card, settlement and settlement procedures fee income growth is good; 3) Asset quality: non-performing loans fell for two consecutive years, the non-performing ratio in 2018 fell by 25bp.

In the fourth quarter of 18, the net bad generation 西安耍耍网 was 0.

45%, and the chain is down 6bp and 14bp, respectively. Behind the excellent risk control is the company’s forward-looking judgment. The provision coverage ratio and loan-to-loan ratio continue to reach new highs.

Long-term ROE promotion path?

1) Further expansion of the proportion of retail business.

In 2018, China Merchants Bank’s retail business revenue and profit before tax accounted for 52.

7% and 57.

2%, an increase of 1 over the previous year.

5 and 0.

7 digits; 2) Improvement of ROA of retail business.

In 2018, China Merchants Bank ‘s retail business ROA rose by 0 in advance.

16 good to 3.

02%, there is still a higher upside potential in the future. One is the improvement in the retail cost-to-income ratio of fintech spending. The other is that there is room for downward adjustments in credit costs, which currently far exceed the retail non-performing rate.

Maintain the company’s banking sector first.

We expect the company’s net profit to increase by 12 each year from 2019-2021.

5% / 13.

5% / 15.

1%, currently sustainable corresponding to 1.4x19PB, maintaining “Highly Recommended-A” rating.

Risk reminders: 1) The economic growth rate exceeds expectations; 2) Expansion of substance, asymmetric interest rate cuts

Aerospace Electric (002025): Rapid income growth continues to be optimistic about future stable growth

Aerospace Electric (002025): Rapid income growth continues to be optimistic about future stable growth
Event: On August 20, 2019, the company released its semi-annual report for 2019, which achieved operating income of 16.1.9 billion, an annual increase of 38.56%; net profit attributable to mothers1.870,000 yuan, an increase of 19 in ten years.17%. Opinion: The rapid growth of revenue in the first half of the year was affected by the improvement in gross profit margin.In terms of gross profit, the company achieved revenue in the first half of 201916.190,000 yuan (38.56%), but due to gross margin of 34.77%, a decrease of 5 per year.86pct, so the gross profit growth rate is lower than the revenue growth rate, achieving gross profit5.6.3 billion (YoY18.53%).In terms of expenses, the company’s expenses during the first half of the year17.73%, down 4 each year.69pct, in which the selling expense ratio decreases by 1.18pct, the management expense ratio (including research and development) decreases by 3 every year.87pct (but research and development costs increase by 24 each year.63%) and financial expenses were -733.370,000 yuan. Benefiting from the improvement of the expense ratio during the period, the rate of change of the company’s profit maximization rate / net profit rate attributable to the mother gradually reduced the range of capillary change, and finally changed by one level.75pct /杭州夜网 1.88pct, achieving profit growth2.3.2 billion (YOY23.40%), net profit 2.04 billion (YOY25.15%), net profit attributable to mother 1.870,000 yuan (19.11%). Net profit growth in the second quarter accelerated.In terms of quarters, Q1 / Q2 companies’ operating income increased by 39 in 2019.42% / 37.99%, gross margin decreased by 5 respectively.42 points / 6.02pct, the cost rate during the period is reduced by 5.29 points 4.33 points.However, due to Q2, other revenues increased by 0 each year.13 ppm (Q1 other gains for ten consecutive years).40,000 yuan), so in the end Q2 realized maximum profit / net profit growth rate was 23.58% / 27.47%, an increase from the previous quarter’s profit growth rate (Q1 profit growth / net profit growth rate was 23.17% / 20.83%). In terms of product classification, connectors have achieved rapid 南宁桑拿 growth.The company achieved connector revenue in the first half of 20199.94 billion (58% year-on-year.05%), gross profit margin decreased 8.55pct; Relay achieves revenue 1.36 billion (36 compared to the same period last year).65%), gross profit margin decreased by 11.68pct, the motor realized income 4.310,000 yuan (27.29%), the gross profit margin decreased by 3.38pct, optical communication device realized revenue of 3959.90,000 yuan (13.34%), gross profit margin decreased by 11.25 points. Invested in the establishment of a new Guangdong Huajing subsidiary to expand business development space.According to the company’s “Announcement on Investing in the New Guangdong Huaying Electronics Co., Ltd.” in February 2019, the company invested in the new Guangdong Huaying Electronics Co., Ltd.The company’s shareholding ratio is 51%.The Pearl River Delta region is the core gathering area of the domestic electronic information industry. The electronic component market has a large space. The company takes the opportunity to invest in the establishment of a new company to create a civilian connector development and production base, expand the company’s business development space, expand the industrial scale, and enhance theMarket competitiveness continues to enhance the company’s profitability. Earnings forecasts and investment advice.From 2014 to 2018, the connector business revenue CAGR was about 12.08%, the CAGR of the relay business is about 10.01%, CAGR of the motor business is about 21.42%.With this in mind, we expect the EPS for 2019-2021 to be 1, respectively.03, 1.28, 1.58 yuan, combined with the average PE of a comparable company in 2019, gives the company 30-35 times in 2019, corresponding to a reasonable value range of 30.90-36.05 yuan / share, “previous market” rating.

Don’t take too much fitness medicine

Don’t take too much fitness medicine

At present, businesses are using their own brains to sell something else outside their own business scope.

This gym does not start selling medicines again. Although it sells health-saving diet pills and bodybuilding medicines, experts remind that even if it is a fitness medicine, eating more or eating the wrong things will bring adverse health effects.

  The instructions came in English. The reporter came to a famous gym in the city. On the shelves behind the desk, a row of exquisitely packed medicine bottles and fitness clothing were displayed together.

The fitness coach enthusiastically picked up a set of bodybuilding nutrition supplies and explained to reporters.

  The reporter noticed that there is no Chinese character on the outer packaging of the product. How can I fully understand the detailed ingredients of the drug to ensure safe taking?

The reporter raised questions.

The fitness instructor comforted, “In fact, bodybuilding drugs mainly contain protein powder, amino acids, vitamins and other essential elements of the human body. There are no pharmaceutical ingredients.

It is safe to use.

Although the instructions are in English, the regular dosage is one capsule per day, which will make you full of energy and strong muscles without any problems.

“There is no prescription and no Chinese medicine instructions, although it is just a nutritional product, it looks really vague.

The reporter noticed that there are really too many fitness enthusiasts eager to try.

  Is it right to eat?

  Is it really “absolutely nothing”?

Liu Wensheng, a pharmacist in charge of the pharmacist at Tianjin Third Central Hospital, told reporters that it is not necessarily the case.

“Although the protein powder, zinc, magnesium, vitamins and other ingredients usually contained in fitness nutrition products are indeed good for health, excessive intake will also cause some adverse reactions to the human body.

Women with excessive absorption of certain steroids and other hormonal drugs have strong androgen secretion, increased appetite, thick body hair, and severely cause low voice; vitamin E intake over 800 microns a day can cause blurred vision and breast enlargement.Diarrhea, dizziness, and flu symptoms; excessive intake of vitamin C, nausea and frequent nausea, and scurvy after drug withdrawal; as for zinc and magnesium, although they are essential trace elements of the human body, they are used as much as they are inappropriate and excessive.Zinc causes acute nephritis, vomiting and abdominal pain, severe gastrointestinal bleeding is about to occur, and patients with renal insufficiency can cause hypermagnesemia, decreased blood pressure, and neurological disorders.

“Fitness drugs are a double-edged sword. For some people with special constitutions, taking fitness drugs at random may not be an wise choice, but for those in need, the ingredients in fitness drugs can indeed reduce the effect of fat and muscle mass.”.

Liu Wensheng told reporters that creatine, glutamine, fish oil, arginine, vitamin C and E, which are called the top ten nutritional supplements for fitness, can provide a lot of energy during the high-intensity physical training of the human body.

For example, protein can promote muscle growth; fish oil is a special nutrient that prevents muscle loss; vitamin C is an antioxidant that resists; creatine is an energy source for explosive hard movements that can increase strength; magnesium can participate in muscle contraction and increase strength.
In general, fitness drugs are not absolutely not to be taken, but should be used plainly under the guidance of a coach or doctor.